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Well it was bound to happen. In its ever widening search for oil deposits, the US military has finally found an apparently inexhaustible source of oil: The human body.

Sec Dunford summed things up nicely. “Human beings are just oily as hell. They produce massive amounts of oil and grease every day, and up til now, its a source of oil that has been untapped& completely ignored by those pinheads in congress.”

When asked how he planned on “Tapping this resource”, Sec Dunford was quick to answer. “Simple. We’re going to invade. Regime change. On everyone.”

Naturally, not all were onboard with this plan.

“The whole things preposterous” said Sec of State Pompeo. “We’ve known about this sweat for decades . The problem is, how do you get the people to go along with it? Selling a war is usually easy—-but this one? Heh heh. Good luck”

But many people on Capitol Hill disagree with Sec Pompeo.

“We’ve needed to do regime change on the human race for a long time” said South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. “They’ve been killing and gassing their own people for thousands of years, and its about time this government steps in and does something about it.”. Continue Reading »



How many times have we heard people who subscribe to veganism say”I dont eat meat because I don’t want animals to suffer. Meat is murder”

Well, yes, meat is murder. I understand that when you look at your dog or cat you think “I could never eat you.” Of COURSE you couldn’t. That animal is your friend—-and I could no more eat my pet than I could a human friend.

Also,I understand your being appalled at how animals are treated in these factory farm slaughter houses. You’ll get no argument from me.

(Just want to get that out of the way first before I show you how misguided and yes, hypocritical your outrage is on this subject.)

Now lets look at the premise, “Something has to die for you to eat meat” Yes, that is true.

But my dear sweet—–carrrrrring—– and deluded vegan friends:

Just how committed are you to this premise of “Preventing death?”

Because if you don’t want ANYTHING you to do to be connected to murdering something, you basically cant do or use anything in the current paradigm we live in.

Oh, I know—–You think eating veggies,fruits and grains isn’t connected to murder. You poor dears. Here’s a newsflash: Continue Reading »

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I hear a lot of talk about CERN and a multitude of claims being made for “what they are really doing out there.”

The scientists claim that they are “trying to re create the Big Bang” by “smashing particles together. ” We also hear that they are “trying to create anti matter” and to “Search for the Higgs Boson—the particle that causes mass.”

Religious people claim “They are trying to open up a portal to let demons come thru” or as Jim Morrison once sang to “Break on thru to the other side.”

But I think the real explanation for what the function of CERN is could be a lot more simple and more obvious—–and I think that answer is in the title THEY have given to this facility:

Now—–why would you make a 17 mile long tube lined with magnets to “Smash particles together?”

I submit the main reason would be to make them smaller, right?

Now the claim that this is being done to “study the Big Bang by smashing particle together” is ridiculous on the face of it—mainly because you wouldn’t need a 17 mile long tube to study something like that! A smaller tube would be much easier to manage and would serve the purpose far better.

Something as large as the CERN “Particle Collider” was obviously created to make a large quantity of something! Continue Reading »

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One thing I think most people can agree on: Movies today are nothing like movies were in the past. There have been many drastic changes in the content of movies in the last few decades. The most obvious change is in the way special effects like CGI and green screen have made what we see so much more believable and realistic.

But there have been many more changes in movies made in the 21st century vs their 20th Century predecessors.


One thing that in particular stands out to me is the way music is used.

In movies made in the 20th century, there was a far more judicious and subtle use of music. If you go back to the “Golden age of cinema(The 1930’s and 40’s) oft times there was no music at all and just dialogue—-and when music was used, the music was usually orchestral and oft times had a memorable melody.

(Obviously this doesn’t hold true for musicals—I am talking about regular movies)

Yes, sometimes the music was dated, and of course, sound recording was still in its infancy then, so music in early movies sounds tinny and narrow to our modern ears.

(Perhaps this is why its use was limited. In essence—early movies were more like “books with pictures”—thus the title they were given :”Motion Pictures”)

Now, this is only my opinion, but I think the 1980’s was probably the worst decade for music in movies.
Continue Reading »

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Soccer games tend to be low scoring affairs—-annnnd there’s a lot of running. One guy kicks the ball and runnnnnns down the field with it—-then the ball is kicked away from him by a member of the opposing team—and he runnnnns down the field with it——-and on and on.

But as I was considering this game(and yawning as I did) It occurred to me that there is a method that could be used that would almost certainly guarantee a much better chance at scoring—a method I don’t think I have ever seen used.

Here’s my idea:

Instead of players running by themselves scattered all over the field, why don’t the other players simply surround the player with the ball and make it impossible for the other players to steal it from him?

Then, the whole team could just move down the field together, the other players keeping the other team from getting near the guy with the ball, and then when he gets to the goal, they move out of the way and he takes his shot. Continue Reading »

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Everyone is talking about the problem of immigration—all the problems its causing, how unfair it is to children. Some people are upset about illegals, some are for open borders.

But rarely does anyone one on the news covering this issue ever talks about the WHY of this issue. WHY are people flooding into the USA from not just Mexico, but many other Latin American countries?

Also,WHY are all the Sudanese,Syrians etc flooding into the EU?

First, lets look at the USA.

If we really want to solve this problem, the answer is simple: Legalize ALL schedule 1 drugs in Both the USA AND in Mexico/Latin America.

Here’s why this would fix the problem:

Many of the people leaving Mexico and Latin America in these smaller areas are in the middle of gang warfare—gangs that are so powerful that even the police are afraid to deal with them(or they are “bought off”) —and what funds these gangs?


Take away the “drug war” and you kill the black market.

Now —–to all of you saying “But Brian , we can’t send that message to the chillllldren. Drugs are bad mmkaaay?.”

You miserable hypocrites. Hahaha OMG Shut up. Most of you saying that couldn’t function without your morning caffeine, or your cigarette—and a lot of you would miss your alcohol, or your chocolate, or your ambien—-your Viagra.

(Heh heh.;) Continue Reading »

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I’ve resisted commenting on this , but so many people are making this an issue, I have decided to try and make anyone reading this post think about this in a more logical and realistic fashion.

FIRST: To anyone who thinks “we should allow illegal immigration” because ” We stole this land from the Native Americans”——LOL what a bunch of hypocritical bullshit.

Look, if you believe that, instead of telling others about this/using it as an excuse to justify your mushy headed position about the illegals coming here and staying here, why don’t you show everyone how committed you are to your premise and YOU give up your home (and land) to a native American family—or some illegal immigrants.

LOL No? you wouldn’t do that?

WOW—“I am Brian’s total lack of surprise”

Yeah, that’s what I thought. So easy to act like “you’re so caring” but when it comes to actually acting on that philosophy we see just how ridiculous it is.

Look: WE ARE HERE NOW. So enough of the “Well, we took this land from the Indians so we have no right to prevent illegals from coming in”

That is a bullshit argument and as I said above—if you really believe that , put your money where your mouth is or STFU.

As far as this thing with kids being separated from their families—I am dead sick and tired of the left in this country constantly using children to make political points. Continue Reading »