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1)I’m so lonely that even my imaginary friends ignore me.

2)I’m so unlovable that even blow up dolls tell me”I have a head ache”

3)As you can tell, I have a problem getting a date. Why just the other day, I tried to pay a prostitute to have sex with me and she took my money and said: “Sorry, I don’t fuck on the 1st date”

4) I’m so single that: If I stood on a cliff and shouted:I LOVE YOU”, the echo reply would be”I JUST WANNA BE FRIENDS” 😉

4)I’ve heard that Jesus saves. My question is, does he lend?

5)People in positions of power who say “gosh darn it” and “golly gee” make me nervous.

6)I think people need to be less sure of themselves. Why? Cause we’re wrong so often!

7)Spirituality should be a private thing. Like masturbation.

8)The Matrix will put you back together in front of those who tried to break you.#Karma

9)I keep hearing about “White People.” But unless you’re albino,you’re not white.

10)I kept hearing about “International Women’s Day.” Isn’t that every day?

11)Why are actors “In a movie”, but “On Tv?” #LanguageInconsistencies

12)When the TV remote is dead, what do most people do? Push on the buttons harder!

13)When people want you to duck, they scream “heads up?” Shouldn’t it be”Heads down?”

14)Why do people refer to hi quality things as “Good Shit?” This is our benchmark?

15)I hate when the good people let the bad people go in movies.That never ends well.

16)I’d rather know something,THEN “believe in it.” If you know,belief is unnecessary.

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“This new world promises a host of technological wonders
To dazzle the mind and bewilder our view
But the question is: Will this New world have a place for you?
It promises automated luxury,Self checkout/self driving cars
With less and work for you to do,
But, the question is: Will this New World have a place for you?
Food delivered to your door, and drones monitoring all
And everything is on your SMART phone, its true,
But the question is:Will this New World have a place for you?
“Automation will remove drudgery from our lives, give us more time to think, to dream and internalize”
So say the engineers, trumpeting the technological news
But we need to ask the question, it’s true:
Will this New world have —–a place—-for you?
For if all is done by machines that know, where will the working man , the craftsman, the tradesman, or the innovator go?
If all is pre planned, and our minds are not engaged
What will keep us from becoming useless eaters, only fit for a cage?
Now I love technology and I know what it can do—-
But the question still remains:
If machines keep doing more and more, doing all tasks and turning every screw,
Will this New world will there be a place——-for you?”
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When you love someone, you’ll take a chance
Pragmatism goes out the window, when it comes to romance
True love does not tire, it can not get enough
It always wants more, no matter how tough
The situation or circumstances may be
Love is like a caged animal that must be free

When you love someone, all things that seemed to matter
Turn into rubbish that falls away in pieces and in tatters
The goals you once thought you needed to achieve
All seem silly lifeless and hollow and make believe

Yes, when you love someone, relax—-you’re journey is done
Its the end of the road, there is no more need to run

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“There she stood, alone in the crowd,
Not crude or brash, not forward or loud

A gentle presence, a lovely smile
A soft voice, almost like a child

While the ninnies around her cackled, shouted and brayed
She kept her poise, a lady she remained

I heard music, emanate from her hands
As she played her part, in the band

Her poetry flowed effortlessly, from her pen
And I read it with joy, again and again

Inspiring me like no other, my lovely Bella
The slipper fits her well——She is my Cinderella”

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“I remember when living life was more important than being on the phone and being online all the time—-

I remember a time before social media when being w/friends, being outdoors, going to parties and seeing live music was the way people interacted—–

I remember when people wanted to hear new music and didn’t revel in the past—–

I remember when people weren’t looking for things to be offended by and were more able to laugh at themselves—

I remember being a kid and being excited by the future, not dreading it or wondering how bad things might get—-

I remember when the weather was natural, and there weren’t planes in the sky spraying crud in the air to create artificial clouds 24/7 to block out the sun—-

I remember when people looked up and around, not down at their phone all the time—-

I remember when people weren’t so obsessed with youth and the elderly were prized for their wisdom, instead of being thought of as a nuisance—–

I remember when the news was only on a few times a day and the main focus wasn’t fear and dread, terrorism and war,mass shootings and immigration—-

I remember when people knew there were two genders—–

I remember when most people used cash—–

I remember when it was rare to see a truly fat person-, instead of common—

I remember when people used to read—-

I remember if I wanted to hear music, I had to either make a trip to the record store and buy the album, or tape, OR—I had to play it myself—–

I remember thinking things were getting better——-

I remember——

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Systyr Skynyrd Chat #25


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Systyr Skynyrd chat #27