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“I remember when living life was more important than being on the phone and being online all the time—-

I remember a time before social media when being w/friends, being outdoors, going to parties and seeing live music was the way people interacted—–

I remember when people wanted to hear new music and didn’t revel in the past—–

I remember when people weren’t looking for things to be offended by and were more able to laugh at themselves—

I remember being a kid and being excited by the future, not dreading it or wondering how bad things might get—-

I remember when the weather was natural, and there weren’t planes in the sky spraying crud in the air to create artificial clouds 24/7 to block out the sun—-

I remember when people looked up and around, not down at their phone all the time—-

I remember when people weren’t so obsessed with youth and the elderly were prized for their wisdom, instead of being thought of as a nuisance—–

I remember when the news was only on a few times a day and the main focus wasn’t fear and dread, terrorism and war,mass shootings and immigration—-

I remember when people knew there were two genders—–

I remember when most people used cash—–

I remember when it was rare to see a truly fat person-, instead of common—

I remember when people used to read—-

I remember if I wanted to hear music, I had to either make a trip to the record store and buy the album, or tape, OR—I had to play it myself—–

I remember thinking things were getting better——-

I remember——

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