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“The real story of Vincent Van Gogh”

Most people have heard of Vincent Van Gogh, the famous artist. Upon doing a little research into his life, I found that he had some very interesting relatives as well, who while not being as talented were even more bizarre than he was.

His dizzy aunt —————————————————————— Verti Gogh

His elder Brother(Who had serious digestion issues)——————Gatta Gogh

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Are you as sick of NASA as I am? It would seem that more and more people are waking up to the giant fraud that has been perpetrated on us by this “Space agency” ——–from the faked moon landings, to all the fake mars missions with the fake pictures taken in Egypt and the Mojave Desert coupled with the endless stories about “Newly discovered planets”(With only CGI pictures and paintings offered as proof)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if NASA  finally came clean and told us the truth about what they, and Richard Branson and Elon Musk are actually doing in space—NOTHING?

Well yes—-it would——and I can think of no better person to make that “announcement” than NASA’s main spokesman, their new “Carl Sagan”, Astro physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

So here, presented for your amusement is the speech that all of us who are aware of NASA’s ongoing deception would LOVE to hear Neil make.—–the one we HOPE that he will make someday.

(We now go to our fictional press conference where Neil DeGrasse Tyson is ready to address the nation)

ANNOUNCER: “Ladies and Gentlemen? Here to make a major announcement—- May I introduce to you—-Mr Neeeeeeeil De Grasssssssse Tyyyyyyyyysonnnnnnnnnn! ”

(Loud applause)

NEIL :” Thank you Thank you!! What I’m about to say to you all is going to shock you. But rest assured, it is the truth, and I am not only speaking for myself , but for all my colleagues at NASA (looks around with serious face)

Now, Some of you have already figured this out and some of you will be shocked by what I am going to tell you. The truth is(Takes long pause, makes painful look upward)we have never been to space. (Crowd gasps) at least not “outer space”.

(looks down at floor, looks back up with tear in eye)

“That’s right—-all those pictures of the Earth and the planets? CGI. Composites. (More gasps) Continue Reading »

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Hollywood makes a lot of zombie movies and TV shows—— but I have noticed there isn’t much variation to these shows, or the characters IN the shows. I mean, it’s always the same isn’t it? There’s a plague, most people get sick with this plague which turns them into mindless monsters who lose their minds and become cannibals.
Now 40 years ago, this was a fairly novel idea—but now, in 2017,I think this idea has more than run it’s course. In fact, if Hollywood is going to continue to make more zombie movies, I think they need to use their imaginations a little more and invent some new types of Zombies.
With this premise in mind,here are a few examples of some new “Zombie Storylines” that I think could give the whole “Zombie franchise” a little more life and provide more interest to the genre:
1)”Zombie nerds”—-A group of Star Trek quoting Rush loving Zombies take over a small town —-a town with no women.
2)”Hipster zombies”—a group of zombies takes over a thrift store in the Brooklyn area eating only people that no one likes or cares about.
3)”Emo Zombies”——These zombies kill by night,but feel really bad about it the next morning and cut themselves.

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You know, watching the back and forth between President Trump and certain news media organizations has reminded me more and more every day of a Southpark skit being acted out in real life.
So here submitted for your amusement is my parody of the current feud between the White House and these media outlets voiced thru Southpark characters.
(In best Mr Mackie voice) “OK—— people? Can I have your attention? This is just for your amusement ONLY? This is NOT political commentary, mmkay? It’s good to just laaaaugh? Laughter’s good? Mmmkay? 😉
(The scene: President “Cartman” is just now announcing his next Press conference to the White House Press corps)
PRESIDENT CARTMAN: “And so, I will have my next Press conference tomorrow? At 11:00 am eastern time, and you’re alllll invited—except for Stan and Kyle.”
KYLE:”Oh come on Cartman! “
PRESIDENT CARTMAN: “Sorry Kyle. You can’t come.”
STAN:”Cartman, you can’t block us! We’re part of the Press!”
PRESIDENT CARTMAN: “You’re fake news Stan.Fake.Sorry, but I don’t allow fake news at my press conferences.”
KYLE:” Cartman, we are NOT Fake news.”
PRESIDENT CARTMAN:” That’s President Cartman Kyle. PRESSSSIDENT. Ahhhhhh—–Let me hear you say it Kyyyyyle.”

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Ever since the new administration has proposed a replacement to the “Affordable Health Care Act” many groups in The American Medical Association have started to comment on it, and many seem to have grave reservations about this new plan.
As to be expected,their opinions were as diverse as their areas of expertise.
1) The American Dietary Association has recently commented that they were “concerned about the excessive cost of the current ACA”, but they have refrained from “weighing in” on the new Trump Bill.
2)Many Allergists thought it should be avoided, where as Dermatologists cautioned Washington “Not to make any rash moves.”
3)A group of Gastroenterologists have been lobbying Capitol Hill , pushing hard for the new bill. One lobbyist for the group(Who wished to remain anonymous) told various members of the Trump Administration that “It was time to go with our gut on this and stop holding back the process.”

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Back by popular demand,here, for your amusement(and possible head scratching and befuddlement) are some more “Crazy Questions No One Asks.”

1) I think most people would agree that “being hip” is not an easy status to achieve, or to define for that matter If this is true, then how can there be so many “hipsters?”

Ok, I’ll answer this one—–The answer is, there can’t be. It’s impossible, because most people are not “hip.”

2) If Homosexuality is genetic, then how is this genetic information being passed down? Think about it.

3)If women have “The right to choose” what happens to their bodies in regards to abortion & pregnancy, shouldn’t this “right” also apply to Parents who have children and vaccinations?

Don’t parents have “the right to choose” what happens to their children’s bodies? Continue Reading »

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Seeing all the Anti Russia propaganda resurface in recent times has been a most unwelcome deja vu. To hear the mainstream media talk, you’d think that “Russia hacked our elections’,” invaded Syria and Ukraine” and is basically threatening us and all our allies all over the world.

Well, I’m an American citizen, and I love my country—but I have to say, to all of those who are looking at Russia as “The new Threat to the world”—you couldn’t be more wrong.

Lets take the Syria situation as just one example:

It is the USA and the West that have created the problem in Syria and destabilized the country in an attempt to do “Regime Change”, not Russia.

This destabilization was done by funding and training ISIS fighters in Turkey and arming them with weapons from the deposed Khaddafi Government/military.

That’s right. The US/NATO are the ones funding ISIS. They are not a “grass roots organization”(Tho there could be actual terrorists mixed in the group with the rest of the paid mercenaries)
This is what Benghazi was all about. The Benghazi embassy was being used to run guns from Libya to Turkey to arm ISIS(Who were being trained in Turkey, a NATO ally)

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