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In the early 80‘s, many auto workers lost their jobs. In 1981, after being laid off from GM, a few ex GM assembly line workers decided to form a tribute to their favorite band,Fleetwood Mac. Their founder, one “Mack Cadillac” describes the initial formation of the band.

“You know, working in a factory putting cars together on an assembly line was truly soul crushing work monotonous work,but it was a living, ya know? Anyways, music really helped us get thru those long grueling days, and the band that seemed to line up the best with the monotonous type of work we were doing was Fleetwood Mac. I mean, so many of their songs have the same Rhythm, so that helped us to get into the groove at work.When we all got laid off, we decided to put a band together to cover the music that reminded us of the jobs we lost”

While none of the members of“Mack Cadillac” are professional musicians, band leader Mack Cadillac says it has no bearing on their performance.

“None of us play well” Said Mack,”But luckily, most Fleetwood Mac songs are pretty basic, so you only need to do the same thing over and over to play them—and you know,if there’s one thing we assembly auto workers are good at, its doing the same thing over and over!” Continue Reading »

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My dear friends! I am proud to announce that I now no longer consider myself “one person”—— but as two. I know—I know—-it’s heroic, and it took a lot of courage believe me.

Anyways——- from now on, I am no longer just”Brian McCarthy”

(Having just “One identity” is soooooo Nov 2017!)

No, I am now both “Brian McCarthy” and(Drum roll)

“Kingfish Muuuuuchooooo Galorrrrrrrro Supreeeeeeemooooooo”—

Yes it’s true. I am now identifying as a “Multi Faceted individual”, or a “Multi” for short.

You know,We multi’s have been (Voice cracks,wipes away non existent tear)persecuted—— for years? (Sobs) Called demeaning names like “Schizophrenics” and “Nut cases” —-sigh. So much hatred. So much intolerance.

But wait—–are some of you saying I can’t be two people? That I’m crazy?

Siiiiiiiigh—Oh well. “Haters gotta hate” Haterrrs—-gotttaaaa haaaaate.

But you know(Looks smug and wags finger) Its my RIGHT to identify as more than one person!


Oh I didn’t tell you? I don’t just identify as “human” anymore either. Heh heh.

I see my self as human AND alien.

So hahahahah! Suck on that losers!

Oh dear. I’m sorry—that was the Kingfish—not Brian! So if you were offended by that, it wasn’t my fault. Siiiigh. He can get a little rude, but I can’t control him!

Wait a minute!! Did I just say—— HEEEEE? Oh boy! I meant——MY ESSENCE——- is sooooooooo sorry!

(Whew. That was close.)

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We often hear about the significance of certain numbers. There’s “Lucky #7“ and “The Trinity”(The #3, the “Magic number of creation”), as well as the supposedly bad luck #13.

We also all know how important the #12 is (12 months to a year, 12 musical notes,12 inches to a foot, 12 eggs to a dozen,12 constellations. 12 tribes of Israel and on and on) and we group our numbers in sets of 10(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9—)

But one number we don’t hear much about is the number 4—-and as I will show you, the number 4 is deeply tied into the very structure of our reality,not just thru symbolism, or superstition, but in the very fabric of life.

First lets look at nature:

A) We have “The 4 seasons”: “Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall.

B)There are 4 main directions: “North, South, East and West”

C)We have a “Leap year” every 4 years, where we add an extra day to keep the calendar lined up with what is happening in the sky.

D)There are 4 types of energy: Mechanical, Thermal,Chemical and Electrical Continue Reading »

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“A BATTLE OF THE BANDS”(A true story)

Here’s another band story from my early days as a musician.

Despite being a high school dance band that “played music you couldn’t dance to”, my first band “Driver” played some great gigs—– and for a bunch of young kids,we were really quite good! Loud———but good.

I want to emphasize that point before I tell you this next anecdote because while I could tell you about other gigs we did where everything went well(And many did)as with everything else in life,it is often the really bad memories and experiences that make the best stories and are in retrospect the most humorous.

Now this definitely qualifies as a “bad memory”——-in many ways it was more humiliating then our singers “No show” on our first professional gig (Which actually ended up being a blessing in disguise as I describe in the story “Baptism by Fire:My first pro gig”) Continue Reading »

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This might be one of the most bizarre stories from my days working for Carnival Cruise lines. The year was 1997, and I was performing in the Piano bar. It was a typical crazy night, and I had a crowd of people around me singing along with me as I played. Part of the way into my set, I noticed a small very thin woman “dancing” by herself in the corner as I played.
I put the word”dancing” in quotes because it was the closest word to describe what she was doing.At first she looked inebriated to me, but as I watched her, I noticed that she was definitely repeating certain movements and that there was a pattern to what she did. “She’s not drunk” I thought “She’s just doing some very strange eclectic dance moves..”
As the night went on and I did my schtick, I would look behind the crowd of screaming people to see if she was still there, and sure enough, she was~!
What made the whole thing surreal is that NO one seemed to notice her at all!. Not one person as they walked by her stopped to look at her strange body movements, which combined with her petite size and obvious native american ancestry made her an unusual sight for a piano bar usually filled with young drunk white people.

Continue Reading »

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Before I tell you the crazy story of my first pro gig, I feel I need to give a little history about me and how I became a guitar player & got in a band in the first place.

As a child, I grew up surrounded by classical music. My parents had met at the Chicago Conservatory, and both were pianists, so I heard all kinds of classical music. As a child , I showed great potential as a piano player——but my parents decided not to push me too hard, as they were both aware of horror stories of kids who were child prodigies who had been pushed into music and performance and hadn’t fared to well later when they got older.

So I had lessons here and there, but nothing serious, and in my early life, piano wasn’t a big part of my life, other than some occasional lessons.

One day, when I was 8 years old, I heard Beethovens Pathetique playing on the stereo. I was totally mesmerized. I HAD to play it.

Despite my complete lack of real training or preparation, I taught myself to play large portions of Beethovens’ Pathetique Sonata simply by listening to the Vladimir Horowitz recording and using the score to fill in the gaps/make sure I got all the notes right.

(A pretty impressive achievement for an 8 year old who basically hadn’t had any serious musical training! I know–I’m bragging a bit, but hey! ) Continue Reading »

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In 1997, I began a three year stint as a pianist for Carnival Cruise lines, and tho it started off roughly, I had some very memorable and wonderful moments. The story I am about to tell here was not one of them (Tho it is rather humorous in retrospect)

I was performing an instrumental set in the bar right outside the main back showroom on the first night of a cruise when I saw a beautiful woman looking at me, smiling and clapping. Right in front of her was another woman in a wheelchair who obviously was suffering from some type of nervous disorder like MS or Parkinsons. When I finished my set, the woman I had initially noticed came over to my piano pushing the woman in the wheelchair.

As she told me how much she loved my playing, I saw that she was really stunningly beautiful. She then told me that the woman in the wheelchair was her sister. I felt pity for her naturally,but I have to admit, my focus was pretty much on her and not her sister.

“So” I asked as nonchalantly as I could,”Are the two of you on this cruise alone? “

“Yes”, she told me,”Just me and my sister.”

Quickly a plan began to form in my devious male mind. I realized that if I spent a little time with her and her sister, I could possibly gain favor with her and secure some alone time with her later on.

(I don’t say this proudly, but it is the truth, and this is a true story. ) Continue Reading »