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In February of 2010,I was performing in Kitzbuehl, Austria, and on my day off I decided to make a trip to Salzburg and see Mozart’s “Geburtshaus” (His birthplace) This little poem is based on some of the actual events that took place when I visited Mozart’s first home.


“In Twenty Ten,I went to Mozart’s house,and slowly climbed the stairs
I looked at all the mirrors,where he’d stood and combed his hair
I walked down eery hallways—a laugh,a cry?A SHOUT?
Quickly, I turned my head in hopes that Mozart’s ghost— would be about—–

But alas,twas only security,not one,nor two, but three!!
They grabbed me by the arm and asked me “Not to make a scene”
One said “Put that camera down—you stupid American Lout!!
But I assured them that I meant no harm and that quickly,I’d be out

As I headed for the door,my camera still in hand
I couldn’t resist to take one more pic—- of that crazy little man
My crime complete I gleefully headed to the souvenir shop
I knew I needed something more——-to prove I’d made the stop.

So I bought a single coffee cup,with “Mozart’s Autograph”
I took it home,I washed it clean,and gave it a nice warm bath
But today,oh woeful day, My grip slipped and the cup—–it hit the floor!!
I saw thru tears a crack appeared——–and my coffee had stained the door.

Well,I tried with care and all my skill, to make it whole again!
But its time had passed,and my poor attempts—–had all proved to be—- in vain!

So while humming a tune in D minor, I learned a lesson anew:

If you’re going to visit Herr Mozart’s house—-Don’t buy one mug——–Buy TWO!!



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