“Slang” has always been a mainstay of American culture—it adds color to our language and for decades was used as a kind of “code” to show others that you were “in the know” and “hip.” Unfortunately, in recent times, slang has mutated, and what was once a clever mode of speaking in the past has in recent times takin’ on more of a “parrot like nature.”

In a word, slang has become “the norm.”

What used to be a colorful mode of speaking amongst a small “in crowd” has morphed into a parrot-like group of euphemisms and phrases used by almost everyone. These phrases now have become so over used that they have lost their meaning and are oftentimes used to obscure the real meaning of the speaker, not to focus it or clarify it.

Seeing that this trend was only getting worse, and having been sometimes guilty of it myself, I decided that I would try to do my part to put an end to this obnoxious parroting and overuse of certain phrases by submitting this list of the ones that I feel have outlived their usefulness.


My main problem is with the use of this word as a heading for supposedly “peaceful protests.” “Occupy” has a distinctly militaristic connotation behind it and while I am all for protesting the policies of Wall Street and the military industrial complex (especially in recent years), I don’t think “peaceful protesters” should be using a word like “Occupy” to define their group/movement. Seems a bit hypocritical to protest “corporatism” or “Aggressive US foreign policy” and then call your group “Occupy_____”


Wow, this one just won’t go away!!! Usually heard in political debates and from the mouths of business men/pundits,”The Fact of the matter…” is one of the most over used obnoxious phrases out there. Hey, I’ll decide what “The Fact of the Matter is” for myself——-just state your case, Ok?


Anytime I hear any of these phrases, I know the person that’s being referred to is a BS artist/politician. This is Corporate jargon at its’ worst.


Notice how the people using this phrase are usually rich, and the people they’re referring to who need to “share the sacrifice” are usually the poor and the middle class. Hey “Rockefeller, why don’t YOU “share some of the sacrifice?”


Again, another corporate-inspired phrase that has the wrong spirit behind it. How about “Make the future better,” or more accurately, “SAVE the future”?? (And no, I’m not a communist—comrade. : .))

6) “40 IS THE NEW 30,” 50 IS THE NEW 40″——-

No, it isn’t. When you’re 40, you’re 40!! When you’re 50, you’re 50. Stop running away from your age! You’re supposed to be gaining wisdom and insight in your later years, not pining for your youth. Phrases like “50 is the new 40” expose this cultures deep underlying fear of aging and our lack of respect for the aging process.

The fact is you’re going to get old; and a fear of aging is just one more fear we can do without in this already fear-obsessed culture.


This one creeps me out. There’s something repressive about this phrase. I say this because rarely have I heard this phrase used in relation to things improving or getting better. No, “the New Normal” seems to always be used as a description to a “new low” in whatever area is being referenced.


I’ve used both of these a few times, (hangs head in shame), but I have resolved never to use either of them again. “Just sayin’!” UGH!! What a wimpy way to end an argument or an opinion!! “Just sayin” and “Ya know what I’m saying” are the verbal equivalent to “Up-talking” (Ending every sentence like it’s a question with a rising pitch inflection on the last word.) It shows that you’re afraid of being disagreed with, or that you’re afraid someone will be offended by what you’ve said. If you’re that afraid/unsure of what you’re saying, DONT SAY IT.

Just sayin—


Here’s another cruel phrase based on the never-ending appetite of so many Americans to “watch others fail.” “Wow, I’m glad that’s not me” seems to be all that is required to entertain a large percentage of the public. And that is really not a good thing.—in fact, it sucks!

10) “PWNED”

First of all, let’s get this straight: OWNED IS SPELLED WITH AN O!!!!
This is just stupid. Also, the sentiment behind this word and it’s use falls into the “Fail,” “Epic fail,” “HA! I’m glad that’s not me” category of cruel phrases.

Just remember folks, if you like seeing someone “Fail,” or be “PWNED” (UGH), Karma is a real bitch.


These words are being used far too often nowadays to describe things that are usually very mediocre or commonplace. “Wow, this is amazing weather we’re having,” or “Wow, he/she is a genius,” “That burger was AWESOME!” The fact is, not everyone that does something well is a “Genius” and most things are NOT “amazing” or “Awesome.”

Let’s get some standards again, shall we?

12 “NAZI” (As in—“He’s a Nazi”/ “She’s a Nazi”)

The word “Nazi” is being used far too frequently. Just because someone disagrees with you or has strong forceful opinions on things you don’t agree with doesn’t make them a “Nazi.” A “Nazi” was a very specific type of person from a very specific group. Calling everyone you don’t like or disagree with a “Nazi” makes you, well———a kind of “NAZI”!


OK, I’m guilty on this one. (Such the Douche!!) Sigh, yes, I’ll miss it and I had a lot of fun saying it. But if I’m going to make a list like this, I have to include this word because it is one of the most over used “insult words” of all time. Goodbye Douche!!! It—was—-(Sobs) Fun. (Tears running down my face!)


Definitely a relative of “The fact of the matter is,” this phrase isn’t quite as bad as that, but it’s wrong for all the same reasons and just as tired.


This one is funny I must admit—-but that’s the problem. It’s a funny word that is usually used to describe a certain type of individual that really should be called what they are:


A “Demagogue” is NOT a “funny person,” and they are MORE than a “Blowhard.” A “Blowhard” is your uncle or cousin at the party that won’t shut up——not someone with an audience in the millions that mindlessly follow their every word.

People like O’REILLY, LIMBAUGH, BECK etc. are MORE than just “Blowhards.” They are Demagogues.


Yeah, we know—-We just heard you say it!! This phrase is used to “stall for time” while someone thinks of something to say.


This little phrase is a passive aggressive person’s favorite way to start a sentence. Before they destroy you to make themselves “feel better,” they preface their “Putdown” of you with this little “disclaimer sentence.” It’s very sneaky and it needs to stop!!! If you have something to say, SAY IT! Don’t try to cover up your insult with ‘polite language” Ummmkay? Taaaaaaaanks. Ya jerk!!


These two phrases are used incessantly ,over and over again, and almost always in the mode of “Shrugging off” something that SHOULDNT BE SHRUGGED OFF. I have found that people who use these phrases a lot usually have low standards for themselves and for others. “Its alllll gooood” is especially obnoxious. Everything is NOT all good. In fact most things aren’t. Trying to mask low quality with a touchy-feelly phrase like “It’s all good” is the lowest form of political correctness and it lowers the quality of life. Have some standards and some goals, for God’s sake!!


“Just kidding” is almost always used as a mask for cruelty, especially when the person “lobbing the insults” gets “called out.” People who use this phrase think they’re fooling us when they say it, but they’re not. We know they WEREN’T KIDDING.


There’s something very phony about this one. This phrase is often used when a person is supposedly feeling real sorrow or resignation over a given situation, but it seems to me too orchestrated and overly dramatic and insincere to express these qualities in any real or natural way. When you’re upset you cry or you rage. You don’t make pompous proclamations like “It is with a heavy heart that I———blah blah.” Maybe it’s just me, but if something tragic had happened in my life, I’d be too genuinely upset to use a pompous phrase like this. Wouldn’t you??


This cornball hillbilly phrase is used when someone is getting ready to tell you the “downside” of any situation. OK, maybe it had some relevance 100 years ago when most of us lived on farms or in the country, and “the kick” was something you’d get from an “uppity horse” or a mule. But In my opinion, unless you live/grew up on a farm, you sound pretty dated if you’re still saying this one. Come on! It’s the 21st century and chances are you live in the city and HAVE lived in the city all your life. Nothing is going to “kick you” and you’re not a “cowboy”——–so drop the “Shit kicker routine,” alright?

Thus comes to an end of my list of most hated phrases and clichés. Sadly, this list is by no means complete. But, the “Fact of the matter is,” it would take me forever to stay “on point” with a topic this large, and “the bottom line is” I don’t want to be seen as “a blowhard” or a “douche.” “Just sayin’,” “That being said,” I think this is an “amazing list,” an “AWESOME list”——and I definitely “pwned” this subject!! Anyway, I hope my “Shared Sacrifice” will help others to “Win the future.”
Hey, it’s “all good,” right?

Oh wellllll—————“It is what it is.”


2 comments on ““OVER USED PHRASES & CLICHES”

  1. Well done. Used to make me so mad when my middle school students said, “Just sayin'”. I would respond, “And I’m just saying that if you think by saying ‘Just sayin” excuses you for saying something rude and disrespectful, then I’m saying, think again.” Passive agressive behavior is the most cowardly and contemptible. Hate “It is what it is” almost as much as LOL. But I have always viewed phrases like “50 is the new 30” (or whatever) to mean that people are taking better care of themselves and staying more active.


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