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In this day an age of social media, texting and typing, all done on a computer/keyboard, it hit me one day how few people use pencils anymore. I suddenly felt a deep nostalgia for this once commonly used object and thought “wow,I miss the pencil”.

It was at that moment I decided to write this short elegy called:


“A good friend always keeps a secret—–is trusted , and is true,
So when I need to write it down ,I reach for a “#2”

You hear my thoughts, you take them down,but no “records” will you save,
And your markings, tho not permanent ,take some effort to erase.

But now dear friend , you’re on the skids,(“Its too SLOW” the slack jaw groaned!)
And yes EVERYONE has internet ,email—and you? You’ve been DISOWNED.

Yet these pieces of lead and wood,will always have a friend in me,
I’ll stay nearby and as they die, I’ll bury them—by a tree.”

(ADDENDUM: I am required by law to post a letter I received after posting this poem “Ode to the Pencil” on Facebook)


Sir,are you aware of the irony that you wrote and “Ode to the Pencil” on a computer? ARE YOU???? Sir,you are part of the problem!!! ARRRRRGH!!!

Sincerely yours,

Mr Bernard Faber,

(Head of “The Pencil Union”,Founder of the “Pencil and Pens Survival Foundation” (PPSF)


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