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Since the 1990’s, many clubs and bars have opted out of having live music as entertainment in their establishments in favor of “Karaoke”. The main reason for this is economical: It’s cheaper to let people entertain themselves with Karaoke then to pay for a real band/deal with all the issues that come along with having live music.

Not only has the “Rise of Karaoke”  taken a lot of work away from musicians, it has harmed the music scene in this country by reducing the amount of available places that musicians and bands used to play and lowering the pay those musicians used to get.

In a nutshell,”Karaoke” is to live music as “reality TV”  is to actors and writers in the TV industry.

So my question to the reader is:

Why hasn’t someone ever thought to start a band called “Karaoke”?? Can you imagine how the Karaoke club owners mouth would drop when the band shows up in the evening?

I can just see it now:

CLUB OWNER: “Whats this?”

BAND LEADER: “We’re setting up—”

CLUB OWNER:” I thought you said you were doing Karaoke?”…

BANDLEADER:” No,Karaoke is the NAME of our band.”

CLUB OWNER: “Well—I’m not paying for a full band!!”

BANDLEADER: “Thats OK,we’ll have a tip jar! ”

CLUB OWNER:” What about when the customers come here? Are you gonna let em sing ? ”

BANDLEADER: ” Of course!! They can sing,dance,clap their hands or anything else they want to do while we’re playing—just not on the stage” (Winks at club owner)

CLUB OWNER:” Well–I don’t know——-live music? I don’t know——“(Looks nervous)

BANDLEADER: “Trust me they’ll love it. Oh BTW—-we need to do a sound check, so I’ll have to talk to you later mmmmkay? Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks. BUH BYE”

(Hits loud A chord)


KARAOKE customer #1: “WHOA?? There’s a BAAAAAND here? It said Karaoke on the billboard!! Should we go in?”

KARAOKE customer #2: “Oh well,we already parked—lets go check em out”


KARAOKE customer #3(Comes walking out of bar) “WHOA DUDE—Those guys are AWWWWESOME! Karaoke RUULLLLES dude!!”

KARAOKE customer #4 : “The lead guitarist let me sing along with him!! I stood right near the stage? And we did like——–a DUET? OMG! It was sooooo great. I LOVE Kara Okay!!!
He rocks!!!”

(Side note to all my musician friends: Someone needs to do this!! Let’s rise up and combat this Karaoke scourge!!! )


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