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11)”KIRSHNA”: “Kirshna” was a tribute to Nirvana that was the brainchild of Swami Mahatma Nahasa Pissdapeealotta (the founder of the main Hindu sect in Yakima, Washington). A firm believer in reincarnation, The “Swami”(Who for some crazy reason was inspired by Kurt Cobain’s tragic suicide)decided to have not only himself, but his ENTIRE BAND emulate Cobain’s horrific act in their first and only performance, insisting to the audience that they would all “Reincarnate and return in 25 years to reform the band”.

(To this day, Courtney Love has emphatically denied having anything to do with this band or its members.)

12)”THE STABLE BRICKS”: Appearing on the scene in 1964, the “Stable Bricks” were one of the strangest bands in the history of rock music.

Their stage outfits consisted entirely of Green Moss, and none of the band members moved on stage——-not even the drummer.

Considered by many to be the first “minimalist band”, their silence and lack of movement on stage caused massive controversy and rioting, and cries of “When are you bastards gonna do something?”and “Bloody hell,what kind of rubbish is this?We want our $$ back!”

(Strangely enough, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones is a big fan)

13)”DAY SLACKER”: A tribute to “Night Ranger” done entire on acoustic guitars. The leader of the band,Brad Weed is a major proponent for the “Legalization of marijuana”,and claims to sleep 17 hours a day. They have yet to actually play a performance, but the word is that they hope to perform———-someday.

14)”ARRIVAL”: A unique band that plays nothing but the endings of Journey songs.

15)”UB39″: A tribute to the band “UB40”, their performance has often been criticized as “falling just a little short of the original——-but still not bad”

16)”STEFAN WHACKY” A German artist who specializes in polka versions of Stevie Wonder songs. He has been barred from the United States for life.

17)”CD BUTT”: Often accused of being slavish imitators of the group “Radiohead”, Cd butts lead singer” Joe Chicago” claims that the name of the band is actually inspired by a disc shaped looking birth mark on his butt that looks like a CD.

(Thom Yorke had no comment)

18)”HOT-WORK”: “Hot-work” is a “Coldplay tribute” based in New Jersey who’s claim to fame is their “kick ass metal versions of Coldplay songs.”

Lead singer “Ricky Tough” had this to say:

“We were all construction workers that loved metal, but we noticed that all the women we’d meet always seemed to like Coldplay’s music. We hate Coldplay, but we decided to do a metal version of their music to pick up chicks. And it worked dude. It totally f#@kin worked. YEAAAAH!!!”
19)”SILVIO”: The story of “Silvio” is a sad one. An Italian immigrant, Silvio grew up listening to Black R&B all thru the late 40’s and early 50’s. Deciding that he too wanted to sing this music, he devoted his life to performing and gradually began building a following. Sadly, Elvis Presley had the same idea, and Silvio, being unable to compete with Elvis, gave up soon after words.

(He now owns a pizzeria in Brooklyn and has 12 kids.)

20)”Chocolate Mousse”—Black rapper Lavon Soul (stage name “Chocolate Mousse) became the center of controversy in the black community when he came out with his “tribute to Vanilla Ice” called “Chocolate Mousse”

.At first considered a parody act, Lavon startled everyone when he announced in his Rolling Stone interview that he thought that “Ice Ice Baby was the best hip hop song ever written” and that “we could all learn from Vanilla—he’s one soulful bad ass white boy” .

When asked about Eminem, Lavon brushed him off as a “Vanilla Ice Wanna be” claiming ” That boy ain’t nuttin next to Nilla”

In recent times,Lavon has had numerous threats on his life and has been forced into seclusion as a result. Lavon insists that he will return tho, claiming ” The gospel of Ice Ice baby needs to be heard y’all”.


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