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31)”ABBOTT D ELVIS”: One of the more eclectic tributes in the history of Rock music,”Abbott D Elvis” did Abbott and Costello routines to Elvis Costello music. It was a very strange mix,and tho clever,never really caught on.

32)”TOO MUCH SOUL” JONES : A James Brown imitator, “Velveeta Jones”(Yes,that was his real name) was known for his incredibly and painfully emotional performances. These intense performances earned him the nickname of “Too much Soul” Jones. Velveetas trade mark was holding out notes for minutes at a time,often passing out from the exertion. Sadly,these emotional physical performances took their toll on Velveeta, and on Jan 7,1972, he collapsed on stage from heart failure and died on the spot.

33)”THE ADMIRALS”: “The Admirals” were a group of actual British Navy Admirals who upon retiring, decided to form a band dedicated to performing American R&B and Motown classics. Lead singer(And Admiral)Oliver Richards was particularly fond of “The Commodores” and Lionel Richie,and was well known for his spectacular interpretation of “Brickhouse”.

34)”LEFTY/RIGHTY”: A famous AC/DC tribute based out of Washington D.C.,”Lefty/Righty” consisted of political consultants from both the Democratic and Republican parties who all had a similar love for drinking beer and listening to AC/DC.

35)”THE RED WELTS”: A very unusual tribute to the White Stripes,The members of “Red Welts” conclude each performance with a public whipping of all the band members by specially chosen audience members. They are very popular with the Fetish community.

36)”HE’S A MIRAGE”: The only known tribute to Jason Mraz, the lead singer of “He’s a mirage” claims that he actually is a mirage—“Just like the real Jason Mraz”.

(As of yet,there has been no comment from Jason,and no one in the press has seems to care.)

37)”WILLY HASBEEN”: A parody of the singer “Billy Idol”,Willy Hasbeen (Real name:William Hasbro) is the spitten image of Billy Idols Father. Unfortunately,”Billy Idols Father” looks nothing like Billy Idol,and so far,”Willy Hasbeen ” has yet to book a single gig.

(Tho his basement performances are rumored to be legendary)

38)”BLAND WHITE PASTA”: An unusual tribute to “The Red Hot Chili Peppers”,the members of “Bland White Pasta” all suffer from various digestive disorders,and in the words of lead singer Richie Colon, the whole purpose of the band is to “Bring awareness to the limitations of people with digestive disorders”. When asked why he chose to do a tribute to the Chili Peppers,he replied:

“Well,isn’t it obvious? None of us can eat that stuff.”

39)”THE PASSIVE HETEROS”: A tribute to “The Violent Femmes”,”The Passive Heteros” formed right in the heart of the gay community in San Francisco,and according to lead singer Johnny Macho,the whole purpose of the band is to “change the often violent images associated with heterosexuals”.

(They are big favorites in San Francisco,but have had trouble getting any enthusiasm for their “concept” outside their home base.)

40)”ROBERT REEFER” : A failed reggae singer from Jamaica,”Robert Reefer” once claimed that “he smoked more ganja than any other artist from Jamaica”.

No one cared.


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