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51)”JIMMY AND THE ROACHES”: Billing themselves as a “Tougher version of Adam and the Ants”,Leader Jimmy Deviderio once boasted that:
“Yo,we DO drink,we DO smoke,and you know what else we do?We will f@ck you up!”

(They actually had quite a cult following in New Jersey in the 1980’s–tho Jimmy Deviderio’s reported mafia connections always loomed as a shadow over the band)

52)”LATESHA WINTER”: “Latesha Winter” was an R&B singer from Watts who was famous for her rough edged “Ghetto tribute” to Donna Summer. However,Latesha,unlike most “tribute artists” had no love for the artist she was doing a tribute to,and her rants against Donna Summer were legendary.She often challenged Donna Summer to “Come down to the hood and sing in my cluuub” claiming that she could “Mop the floah wid dat sistaah. She aint nothin!”

Naturally,Donna Summer ignored her,as did the rest of the music industry.

(Latesha is now currently serving a 5 year prison term for “Domestic Assault”,and yes,she still claims to be the “Queen of Disco”.)

53)”THE TARANTULAS” : Claiming to be inspired by “The Scorpions”,The Tarantulas were a hard rock act from Austria that boasted a lead singer(Thursten Webermann) who sang every show with live tarantulas crawling all over his body. They were never able to attract any female fans,and thus were never able to reach the level of popularity that their idols,The Scorpions achieved.

(They are currently performing at Biergartens and Sausage festivals.)

54)”THE REGRETS”: Boasting former members of “The Temptations”,”The Regrets” are all “Born again Christians” who do “Gospel versions” of their old songs. When asked how they came up with the name,The bands manager issued a statement that:

“The Temptations” feel that people of today need to understand just exactly what “Temptations” lead to—-REGRETS. ”

(“The Regrets” are currently performing at churches and nursing homes all across America)

55)”NOISY FREEWAY”: Inspired by the Grunge scene of the 90’s (and especially Soundgarden)”Noisy Freeway” performs exclusively under over passes on freeways. When asked WHY they would only perform “under over passes”, lead singer Cody Doody said that it allowed them “Ultimate artistic freedom and control over their music”,and that “They’d never have to worry about not having a place to play”.

56)”ME2″: An early rival to “U2”,the Irish based band “Me2” made no secret about there abject hatred for U2. In fact,their lead singer had his name legally changed to “Pompous Ass” as a direct challenge to Bono.

(U2’s manager filed a lawsuit against them in 1980,and was able to get an injunction to get them to stop performing under the name “Me2”. They have recently reformed under the name “Bono is a Wanker”, and are currently performing in pubs in Dublin. Bono could not be reached for comment.)

57)”CAB HALEN”: One of the more interesting Van Halen tribute bands out there,”Cab Halen” does Van Halen songs “In the Style of the great Cab Calloway”.

(One of the highlights of their show is their medley of “Hot For Teacher” and “Minnie The Moocher”. David Lee Roth is reportedly a big fan)

58)”SHAGGY AND DOOBIE”: A parody act,”Shaggy and Doobie” do a tribute to “Sonny and Cher”, but using the voices of Shaggy for Sonny Bono and Scooby Doo for Cher.

They are a huge hit in Las Vegas.

59)”THE TWO BY FOURS”: “The Two by Fours” are a tribute to “The Carpenters” that has had nothing but problems since day one due to the controversial nature of their name.The founders of the band,Pianist Joey Carver and Singer Jesse Wood(Both carpenters)claim that “the name comes from a Carpentry reference”——-but numerous female rights advocates have attacked the band saying that the name “Two by Fours” is “a direct reference to Karen Carpenters emaciated appearance”,and “is an affront to Anorexia and Bulimia sufferers”.

The thing is,this controversy is all that this “Tribute” is known for.No one has ever heard them play—-ever.

60)” THE VIAGRA BOYS”: A tribute to the Sex pistols formed in 2007 by aging punker Duncan Nimrod, “The Viagra Boys” do a 2 shows a night at “The Goth club” in Palm Springs,and are quite a hit with the ladies.


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