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So many people use Facebook now that certain traits and characteristics have become ingrained in the way people communicate there,so here are a few “home made terms & acronyms”.of some of the most common ways I have observed that people use to “get their point across” on Facebook.
1 )”B & A”—-“Block and Assault”:

Someone makes a comment you disagree with and instead of arguing with them,you block them first and THEN call them an idiot.

2)” F & R “—-“Flirt and Run”:

Chatting or posting in a flirtatious manner and then not replying when the person responds.

3)”CLM”——–“Cap Lock Madmen”:

People who type all their comments WITH THE CAPS LOCK ON—-SO YOU CAN HEAR THEM BETTER!!!!


Someone who consistently and immediately “Wants to chat” the moment you go on Facebook.

5) “MSP’s”——–“Manic Status Posters”:

(Self explanatory! )
6)The “C&P MAFIA”——–“The Copy and Paste mafia”:

People who consistently want you to “Copy and paste their status”. Any “non compliance” by the person reading the post implies “guilt” and “lack of caring”.
7)”APP’s”————–“Anti Punctuation poster”:

Facebook posters and people who refuse to capitalize there i’s use periods commas or write a proper paragraph or spell our words because we want to say everything in one sentence hey man i’m se…rious lol
8) “PSP’s” ————–“Political Social Poster”:

People who ONLY TALK ABOUT POLITICS—and social issues. DAMN IT PEOPLE!!! I CARE—–and so should you.

“flks who pst on fb lk thy txt on thr phns. omg!!”

10) “THE PET MAFIA”———–
All those people who God bless em just cant get enough of those cute little cats and dogs,cause ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE!!!!!


Only. One. Word. A. Sentence. )

12)”MKR’s”——-The “MY KIDS RULE” poster:

(Most parents who use Facebook fall into this category.)

13)” TCFF’s” (The “TOO CLEVER FOR FACEBOOK” poster)

(Attitude of FB poster) “Heyyyyyy——-could this post Beeeee any funnier??? This is GOLD here folks!! Eh??? EHH???? Come on!!! You KNOW you want to like this!!! Come on—-VALIDAAATE!!!!!”

Of course,I personally have never fallen into any of these categories when I have used Facebook. šŸ˜‰


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