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We’ll begin with a “Box”————————–the plural is “Boxes”

But the plural of ox becomes “Oxen”———-not “Oxes”

One Fowl is “Goose”—————————–but two become “Geese”

Yet the plural of “Moose” should never be “Meese”

You may find a lone “Mouse”———————or a nest of “Mice”

Yet the plural of “House” is “Houses”————-not “Hice”

If the plural of “Man” ————-is always called “Men”

Why shouldn’t the plural of “Pan” become “Pen”??

If I speak of “my Foot” ———–and show you “My Feet”

And I give you “a Boot”———-would a pair be called “A Beet??”

If one is “a Tooth” —————-and a whole set are”Teeth”

Why shouldn’t the plural of “Booth” be called”Beeth??”

Then one may be “That”——————-and three may be “Those”

Yet “Hat” in the plural ——————–would never be “Hose”

(And the plural of “Cat” is “Cats”——-not “Cose”)

We speak of a “Brother”—————– and also “Brethren”

But tho we say “Mother”—————–we never say “Methren”

Then the “Masculine pronouns”———-are “He”,”His” and “him”

But imagine the feminine—————–“She”, “Shis” and “Shim??”

So the language called”English” is filled with exceptions

It’s logic is flawed, and it’s rife with deception

If you speak it “well”,well,your brain must be “good”

I hope you “read” what I “read”—-or is it “Red?



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