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I don’t believe in literal prophecy,and here’s why:

I believe having the ability to chose (“having free will”) trumps fate. Why?

Because what someone “decides to chose” can NEVER be predicted, because people are unpredictable.

Being able to choose and more importantly “to change your mind” puts an element of chaos into the future——and chaos makes accurate prophesy impossible.

So whenever any “big event” takes place and you hear anyone say:

“This is exactly what was predicted in the book of Revelations” or

“This is exactly what Nostradamus said would happen”, instead of thinking :

“Ohhhh———The prophecy is being fulfilled”, perhaps consider that very CLEVER people (who are well aware of these “prophecies” and the mind set behind believing in them) are purposely “connecting these dots” using these “prophesies” as a “road map”,all to keep people in “a superstitious mind set”.

How do they do it? The method is simple:

When people want to prove “prophesy”,they often go back in time,looking for proclamations and then attempt to connect them to events that have already happened. They then try to convince people that “this proves the Prophesy was fulfilled”.

But if you think about it, they are doing the whole thing back words!!

If prophesy WAS real, these events would be predicted with 100% accuracy, THEN they would happen—-not the other way around!

Anyone can dig out a line from a book or a story from the past and connect it to something that happened in the present and claim “this person/this book predicted the future”———but this is not prophecy!

This is only coincidence masquerading as prophesy!

So the method used to prove prophesy is flawed and easily disproved.

Now,if prophesy was merely a superstitious belief among a small % of people, it would be harmless. But the sad truth is, even in the year 2015, there is still a large % of people who still believe that “bad things are going to happen” because of some “prophesy”  written down from the past.

Also, unfortunately there are many in power who benefit from this misguided belief in “prophesy”  and cynically promote it to make people feel helpless and powerless.

After all,if something happens and it was “prophesied to happen” what can you do about it?


So the idea of “prophesy” is a devastating tool from a ruling elite perspective. If you want to control people and keep them from rebelling and questioning whats going on around them,what better way than to make a large % of them think that the events around them were “All prophesied” or that “Its GOD’S WILL” and thus nothing can change it”??

The idea of “prophesy” also gives the ruling class “Carte Blanche” to do whatever they want knowing full well that they can always sell the outcome as “Something that was prophesied long ago” instead of an evil and unjust act that didn’t need to have happened.

What it comes down to is that by promoting prophesy,the ruling class promotes “fear of the future”. They promote superstition and helplessness. It enables one group of people to control the future by claiming that it was already “predicted in the past”. This mentality keeps the masses who accept this concept from understanding that at any moment they have the ability to change the future by making different choices in the present.

It takes away their power to make things better by making them feel a prisoner of a future that has already been “prophesied”.

That’s why “Prophesy is Bullshit”

(You know, if I had any power, I’d be dangerous—–)


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