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One thing that has always struck me about the story in the Bible is the fact that they start the story of with only one man(“Adam”) and one woman(“Eve”)—-but if you look into this story a little more,the name “Lilith” comes up over and over again. We find out that she was “Adams mistress” who “rebelled against Adam” and “refused to be his inferior”.

In a word,she was the first feminist.

(In some cultures,”Lilith” is even a demonic character who steals babies—but that is another story)
But I have a slightly different take on this story. To me, Lilith sounds very angry,and that is usually the sign of a failed relationship. So lets assume for the sake of argument that SHE was actually Adam’s first wife and that EVE was the mistress,and take it from there.
(Let’s also assume that all three of them spoke English)

LILITH:(To Adam)Listen Mr Hippy man—If you think I’m going to wear fig leaves leaves the rest of my life and live in this shack,you’re delusional.UGHH!I’m so tired of —THIS!! Goodbye!!!(Storms out)

ADAM:(Runs after her)”Awwww Lil!!!! Come on hun!! Things are gonna turn around for me!AHHHHHHHHRGH!!

LILITH:(Turns around)”Adam,this conversation IS OVER.HMMPH!!

ADAM:”DOH!”(starts walking back to shack,sees sexy babe wearing a very small fig leaf) Oh hi Eve!

EVE:”UGH.You dont need her Adam. She’s a gold digger. I like you just the way you are(Walks over)—Hey,you want an Apple? (Smiles,bats eye lashes)

LILITH:(Suddenly comes back)”And another thing—(Gasps)WHAT—– is SHEEE doing here??????

ADAM:”Who—her? I dont even know her!!”

EVE:”Hahahah! He’s with meeeeee Bitch!”

LILITH;(Glares at Eve,the looks at Adam)”Thats IT! I’m taking the kids,and I’m going to stay with my mother!! I want a DIVORCE! GOD!!GODDDDDDD!!!!!”

ADAM:”Damn it EVE! This is all your fault!!Now I’ll never see my boys!!”

EVE:”Well,you’re better off without her Adam.And now weeeeee can be together—-Ummmmmmmm(Kisses Adam)

BTW ADAM?? Whos”God”??

(Fade out as “huge clouds” approach in the sky)


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