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“Zebra Lives Matter: A message from Zed the Zebra (In reference to The Death of “Cecil the Lion”

Dear WordPress readers:

My name is Zed—“Zed the Zebra.”  I am dictating this message to my good human friend composer and author Brian McCarthy  in hopes that he will tell others the truth about this —this MURDERER—“Cecil the Lion”.

Not only did this(wipes tear away) MONSTERRR kill my wife Zelda,(sobs) he also ate my child Zachary and maimed my best friend Zanzibar!

Now I ask you—–Where’s the human outrage for us?

Don’t “Zebras lives matter?”

If we were HORSES,I’ll bet you all of you humans would be upset!

But I am well aware of the status of Zebras. We have always been second class citizens in the Equine family.


Because we won’t let you ride us and train us the way you do our cousin the horse.

Zebras have pride—–and because of this, you humans don’t care that we are murdered everyday by evil killing machines like this Cecil.

So please dear humans—please show some respect for those of us who have been killed by Cecil and others like him! Don’t deify this murdering bastard Cecil!

He was no hero!! ‪#‎ZebraLivesMatter‬


Zed the Zebra

Somewhere in Africa
Dirty patch of ground
Earth,4 hove stamps and a circle(Yes Zebras have zio codes!)


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