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It has always been “fashionable” to give the President of the United States credit when things are going well,and to blame him when they are not. To me this is ridiculous!  In my opinion,getting mad at any USA President and blaming them for “the problems of the country” is like getting mad at Ronald McDonald because your burger sucked at McDonald’s.

The thing to remember is that Ronald McDonald, like The “President of the United States(“POTUS” for short)is just a salesman—a front for the real managers people who are actually running the show.

Now when it comes to POTUS,this “front man status” doesn’t absolve him of all guilt,but I think it is a mistake to focus on him too much when you have grievances,because THAT’S WHY HE IS THERE——–to take attention away from the real power structure. To get everyone to focus on him when things are bad.

I say——–look behind the curtain!!


OK this has to be said:

I am tired of hearing this “myth” being perpetrated that if you’re straight, and a gay persons sexual advances make you “uncomfortable”, it means that you are “homophobic”,or “secretly gay”.

WHAT? Come on!

Look,we all know that there ARE real “homophobes” out there,and as for me I have nothing against my gay brothers and sisters—but please,pleeease!! Lets not over react and “cast the net too widely”, OK??

Saying someone is “homophobic” because a gay persons sexual advances made them uncomfortable is like saying any straight woman who is uncomfortable with a straight mans advances “Hates men” or that she secretly is “a nymphomaniac” and “really wants to have sex with him”.
Its a ridiculous premise and absolutely false on both sides of the sexual fence.


Many people would argue that the greatest law for a moral and just world is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”——–but in my opinion,there’s a great flaw in that teaching and here’s what it is:

There’s a selfish motivation in that thought that undercuts it. It’s like believing in your religion “Because you don’t want to go to hell”. It turns morality into “an insurance policy”.If you want a law that would really lead to a better world,how about “Do well unto others despite how they treat you”—–That one is a lot more difficult,but it is based on true morality,not the morality of convenience.

Besides,if you believe in the law “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”,there are some other inherent problems as well.
For example: What if you’re a masochist? Or have REEEEALLY low self esteem?
I say just treat other people fairly. Period. Don’t do it for selfish reasons—do it because its right.


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