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Here’s a word we don’t hear much anymore—“Peon”. It’s a funny word isn’t it? There are many other words that describe the same “Lower social status”, but to me, “peon” is one of the funnier ones—possibly because it has the word “pee” in it. (“Pee-on”)

(Psst—My guess is that the same people who invented “Trickle Down Economics” were also the inventors of the word “peon”.

However, there is another class of people that people rarely talk about. I’m talking of course about the “poo-ons”.

-Now THOSE people have a rough life. They make the peons look like aristocrats. In fact, The “poo-ons” dream of someday becoming “peons”.

(Scene: Old man “Poo-on” talking to his grandson)

OLD MAN: “AYYYE LAD! (Kid with mud on face looks up) Looky there at that man! You see? ((Points to peon cleaning the street) You study hard laddy—-someday you’ll be one of them”

KID:” Really Grandpapaaaa?”

OLD MAN:” YES junior—-nowwwwww—-BACK TO YOUR MUD PLAY”

Of course, “Married life” must be difficult for the poo-on class. I can see the scenario now:

“POO-ON” WIFE: (screaming at husband): “I’m tired of living like this! You promised me a peon lifestyle, and all I’ve seen so far is shit Colin! Nothing but POO! ”

“COLIN(POO-ON HUSBAND):” “Not today LILY! I’ve had a hard day!”

“LILY” “YOU’VE had a hard day? Do you know what its like trying to clean a house covered in poo? All my friends are peons Colin! PEONS! I can’t bring them to this shit hole!

“COLIN”: “Look hun, you knew who I was when you married me”

“LILY” “You promised me someday we’d live like peons Colin! ”

COLIN: “I know what I said Lily! And I meant every word—I just need you to believe in me Lil! Please?

LILY:” Its hard to believe in a man that is covered in poo Colin”

Colin:” (Sighs) “OK,I need to go to the bathroom hun. I can’t do this with you today. ”

LILY:” The bathroom—-THE BATHROOM!!! ALLLLWAYS THE BATHROOM! “(Storms away)


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