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Interesting fact: Have you ever thought about how odd it is that so many phrases which describe economic conditions and life experiences are based around water/water imagery?

For Example,

1) When you declare bankruptcy, you “liquidate your assets”

2)When you owe more $ on your house than it is worth, you are said to be “Underwater on your mortgage.”
3) When a company puts out more merchandise or product than the market is demanding, they are said to be “flooding the market”

4)If you have no savings/or no extra $$, you are “barely treading water”

5)When your career is over,you are said to be “all washed up”

6)When you owe a lot of $$, you are said to be “Drowning in debt”

7)When someone charges you a lot of interest, they are know as “loan sharks”

8) People who are extremely wealthy and love to gamble are referred to as “whales”.

9)The economic theory that refers to reducing regulations on the rich so that everyone else can benefit from their expansion is known as “Trickle Down Economics”

10)A person with a positive outlook on life see things with a “Glass half full” outlook—a more cynical person sees it as “The glass is half empty”

11)We call money “currency”—a word which is derived from the word “Current”.

12)Places that deal exclusively with money are called “Banks”—what is “A bank”?

Well, “a bank” is also a piece of land near running water–like “A river bank”.

13)When you have more $$ going out than coming in, you say you have a “Negative cash flow”

14)When you loan someone some $ for a short period of time, it is often referred to as “floating them a loan”

15)When the concentration of any product is reduced, it is said to be “Diluted” or “Watered Down”.

16)When you are in trouble, you are said to be “In hot water”

17)When you are thrown in jail, the only way you can get out is if someone “Bail’s you out”

18) When someone spends a lot of $$ quickly,people often say that “Money flows thru their hands like water”

19) When your engine gives out and you are “stranded” and “can’t move” whether on land, sea or in the air,your “condition” is often referred to as being “dead in the water”

20) When something bad happens and you are trying to forget about it, it is common to refer to that past negative event as “Water under the bridge”

21)When someone really wants to learn, they are said to be “Thirsty for knowledge” .

22)When you become super popular or famous—you are said to have “taken the World by Storm”

23)When things are looking up, they say “It looks like your ship is coming in…”

24)When you take all your $$ out of the bank, you are said to have “Drained your bank account”.

25) When you’re well liked and famous,you are “riding a wave of success”—-
—–but when you lose favor that wave now “Comes crashing down on you.”

26)When you’re overwhelmed with information, you are said to have received a “Tsunami of information.”

27) Economists love to say “A rising economic tide lifts all boats”

28) When any rapid increase occurs in any activity or event, we refer to this as “Opening up the floodgates”

29)And last but not least, when you are born, the first thing that happens is your mother’s “water breaks” and then you are “squeezed thru the birth canal”—this moment is referred to as “your birth”——which coincidentally is the name given to the spot where a ship docks(“the ships berth”)

I’m sure there are a few I missed—-but you get the point. Pretty amazing!


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