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“When I woke today and surveyed my pad
A sight hit my eyes that truly was sad!
I saw dishes and silverware strewn all about
When I went to make tea, I saw I was out!

As I stumbled and tripped over shoes on the floor
I suddenly realized—– I could bear this no more!

So with a sharpened pencil and some paper in hand
I became resolute and started to plan

“I’ll start with the laundry!” I thought with a cheery demeanor
but then I realized—-I hadn’t any cleaner!!

Feeling crushed by this thought,I settled into my couch
Then it hit me:

“The KITCHEN is the place to work this all out”

So I went to the fridge and found a few snacks
And thought of new ways “to plan my attack”

These were my thoughts as I ate and I ate— but my mind still was a blank, and no plans did I make!

I mused,”As soon as I finish stuffing my gob THEN I’ll clean up for sure and stop being a slob”

But when I finished my feast,and started to drink,
I realized I needed more time—to plan—and to think

So I got up and slowly pushed away thru all the crap
And made my way back to my bed———–for a nap.”


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