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“There once was a man who arrived in the night

When the people first saw him, they jumped back with a fright!

They backed up slowly, with halting measured paces

They shouted “Go away!”, and had fear in their faces
But the strange man only smiled, and his mouth slowly opened wide

So the crowd stopped retreating, and some came back from inside
“Sher Da!” He screamed at them, with a smile and a grin

“Ker smah—- Ber ple ay da— Gam vamma—- ver Din!”
Then the people began frowning, and looking intense

“Who is this strange man(Said one) Why WON’T he make sense?”

But the man continued to try to make them see

He waved and he danced—–and he jumped with glee!

He then made one massive yell:

“Ver sma ma —- Ver Dam ma—–Ver din din—- Ver Nelll!!!
Finally a woman (of “the intelligent sort”) stepped up with a smirk and gave a loud snort

“I’m very smart with letters and such—-don’t you all think that THIS is a bit much?

This man is obviously a kook, with NOTHING to say! Just ignore him,lets leave him—lets all go away!”

Then there was a great grumbling—– and many opinions were shouted!

One man (who up til then had just pouted) yelled:

“Whoever he is, he needs to speak clearly!”

(Upon THIS, a general agreement was agreed to—-most cheerily)

“If you please dear sir” said the grocer (Who was humble and lowly)

We can’t understand what you’re saying—-perhaps—- if you—- said it more slowly???”

“No NO” (said the woman with many degrees)

He probably escaped from an institution!! Don’t you see?
Now this woman knew lots of big words and she had much respect—-

So the people all began to assume she was correct

Then a little boy (who was way in the back) finally said:

“Perhaps he’s not from here, and THAT’S why his language is strange!! Perhaps that is why he seems so odd and deranged!”

But just then a tiny voice screamed, from a tiny little head:

“Look everyone—-He’s gone—He’s gone—-He must’ve just left”

So they searched and they searched , but to no avail

The stranger had vanished and with not the slightest trail

He had left while they fought (First he had walked—–then he had run!)

He realized the foolishness of what he had done

Finally he came back to where his vehicle was parked

Then he quickly jumped in ————-and shot up in the dark”


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