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In this day and age of corruption and so many unanswered questions about so many events that have had such deep effects on all of our lives, I felt compelled to address the issue of “conspiracies” and those who revel in them and those who doubt them. I hope this little essay will bring some clarity to this age long argument between the two groups of people and to maybe,just MAYBE,bring some of these people together into a helpful and rationale middle ground.

So lets begin:

Nowadays,anytime an event occurs of great import,there seem to always be two groups of people—-one group that immediately suspects that “The official story” being peddled on the mainstream media isn’t true(A “Conspiracy Theorist”) and those who don’t question it and think those who do are crazy. I like to call those kinds of people “coincidence Theorists” because from their point of view,nothing is ever a conspiracy—-things are just “happening”.

Obviously both sides are 50% correct. Sometimes things DO “just happen” and other times there is definitely a lot of evidence that shows that they were planned to happen for the benefit of a few.

Unfortunately, thru some very clever propaganda,the phrase “conspiracy Theorist” has come to equal a “Kook”or a “crackpot”,someone who is mentally unbalanced,so those who do suspect foul play often have a much more difficult time proving their case then those who “go with the flow”. This works to the advantage of the people/groups who actually DO conspire as they are able to use terms like “Kook” and “Conspiracy Theorist” to stifle dissent and prevent many people from knowing more about any event than what they are told thru mainstream media outlets.

(BTW—Both the right wing AND the left wing in the political process and their media outlets use these types of phrases to stifle inquiry beyond “official explanations” which are often ludicrous conspiracy theories themselves!!)

Of course,there is no doubt that SOME people do see “a conspiracy” behind almost every event,no matter how seemingly mundane,or how little proof there is!!

But the truth is,most people who get labeled this way are NOT kooks—They’re curious!! And there’s nothing wrong with “being curious” even if you’re wrong,as long as you are open to admitting that you’re wrong when the facts show an opposing conclusion to the one you are promoting.

But,on the opposite side of this coin,there is another type of person who doesn’t believe that ANYTHING is ever “planned” or that people in power EVER conspire,and based on this fallacious notion,they blindly accept the Mainstream media/Authority figure explanation for everything,no matter how flimsy the evidence is,or more importantly,how UNLIKELY the “Official story” is!!

I like to call these people “Coincidence Theorists”——-and in my opinion,both groups of people on the extremes of each “side” are misguided.

The key to figuring out ANY mystery or “the truth” behind any event or issue is to be objective,to use “the scientific method” and follow the EVIDENCE—-and then to have the GUTS to see where that evidence leads you!!

To really figure out what led up to an event,or to figure out how& why it happened, you have to eliminate the impossible, examine the sources of your information and seperate the “wheat from the chaff”. You then get your own preconceptions out of the way and accept the facts,and deal with them as they present themselves.
THAT’S the trick.

The truth is,BOTH “Conspiracy Theorists” and “Coincidence Theorists” tend to fall short on this one.

For example,many people on the “Conspiratorial side” tend to look into an event with a pre conception of “How they think that event must’ve happened”,and they tend to try and twist whatever information they receive to make it fit “their version of the story”. This happens because “Conspiracy Theorists” tend to be more cynical and less trusting. They are tuned into the fact that when money and power are involved, most people will lie just about everything.

As a result,they tend to lean away from whatever the “accepted version” of the truth is and search for alternative explanations. The problem with that is,unless you really have a disciplined approach to figuring these things out,its a very slippery slope down to “paranoia zone”.

(As Ray Davies of The Kink’s so aptly said: “Par-a-noi-a- will destroy yaaaaaa”.)
Now contrariwise,many people on the “Coincidence side”,tend to be more on the trusting side and are often times either unable or unwilling to connect the dots,and paradoxically for the same reason——-The “connected Dots” don’t fit their “preconception of reality or what they WANT to believe.

In other words, whereas “Conspiracy Theorists” tend to suffer from a lack of trust in authority,”Coincidence Theorists” tend to trust TOO MUCH in authority and “authority figures”.

(Hitler’s famous line “The bigger the lie,the more the people will believe it” is based on this key understanding of many peoples desire to believe and trust in higher authority.)

The one thing the “Coincidence Theorists” need to learn is this:

People DO conspire all the time!!

(ESPECIALLY those with power and $$!!)

They “conspire” on ways to get more of both,and are often able to buy the silence of their “co conspirators” thru bribes and threats,and to be blunt—murder. I bring this unpleasant FACT up because so often people who don’t believe in conspiracies often say:

“Well,if it was a conspiracy,how could they keep all those people secret? Wouldn’t SOMEONE have talked??” Well,guess what?

People CAN keep secrets when they’re THREATENED,especially when they’re threatened by people who are not only more powerful than they are,but are also not “criminals”,but “respected citizens”!! When someone tells you “You talk,and I’ll ruin your career” or “You talk and I’ll kill not only you,but your family as well”, people tend to keep their mouths shut!!

What about the few who DO talk,who are seemingly immune to death threats due to high visibility? Well,the media is often used to belittle that person——-and if that person has ANY “Skeletons” in their closet,those skeletons are revealed, and as a result their opinion becomes “nullified”.

In other words, the people who are “in the know” about ANY conspiracy that is being done from a high level usually pays for their “whistleblowing” with their career,or worse.

So the argument proferred forward against conspiracies by “coincidence Theorists” that “People can’t keep secrets” is naive on a monumental scale!!

To be fair is IS true that most people aren’t very good at keeping secrets!! But when $ and power are involved,believe me,its a different story.

One more thing to remember about this issue of “keeping secrets”
Whenever you are dealing with any large corporate,or military or government structure,things are often done in a “top/down compartmentalized way”.

In other words,only a few people “At the top of the Pyramid” or “organization” know “the true agenda”——-the rest of the people “lower down in the pyramid” only know THEIR PART OF “The project”. They are not told WHY they are “doing what they are doing”: They are only focused on a specific part of the whole and AREN’T TOLD the whole agenda——-

Therefore,they CAN’T “reveal anything” because they only know their part ion the plan and nothing more.

(This is another way that conspiracies are “put into motion” and “secrecy is kept.” When only a few people in an organization know the true agenda,it is much easier to “keep a secret” thru the means I mentioned earlier like threats,intimidation,bribery,blackmail etc)

Now,as to anyone who has been labeled a “conspiracy theorist” simply for questioning an events “history”, all I can say is, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. If you’re not familiar with the “Scientific method”,well,read up on it,and learn to apply it to anything you’re trying to figure out.

Ask questions like:

“Who would benefit?” and “How likely is this to really be a conspiracy theory” vs.”Being just a coincidence?”.

And always know your sources!!

If the official story doesn’t pass the “Baloney detection kit smell test”,then cast aside all preconceived notions and FOLLOW THE EVIDENCE. If there is NO evidence,YOU HAVE NO CASE. There is nothing wrong with speculating on an event,but wild speculations promoted as truth about events/ideas that aren’t “based on evidence” just cloud the issues and make it more difficult for the rest of us to figure out what really happened!! It also backs up the notion that many people who are “Coincidence Theorists” have about anyone who is curious or “cynical of “official stories” (The notion that they are just “fantasy Prone individuals” who have lost their grip on reality.)

In other words,wildly speculating on an issue or an event makes it far more difficult for the people who are trying to expose REAL conspiracies to the rest of the people. So get your facts straight,or at the very least make sure people know that “you are just speculating” if you don’t have any hard proof or evidence/data to back up what you are saying.
That being said,the sad truth is regardless of HOW well you do your homework,if you reject “the official story”, be prepared to be ridiculed by “The Coincidence Theorists”

(Who laughingly often call themselves “skeptics”, but are the exact opposite of skeptics!)

To those of you “Coincidence Theorists” who “poo poo” ANY possibility of a conspiracy in ANYTHING, I would say this to you:

You either don’t understand human nature, or you haven’t read your history——–or you are lazy,cowardly and childlike, and don’t want to face up to the reality around you.

Sorry,but thats the truth.


We do so for profit,for love,to invent,to create,and to gain advantages over our fellow humans. Being able “to Conspire” is one of the signs of intelligence—–and human beings are better at “conspiring” than any other creature on the Earth. (That we know of any ways)

Basically , our ability to conspire is why WE RULE THIS PLANET.

So to all you “Coincidence Theorists” out there:

PLEASE PLEASE———-stop being so trusting of “authority”, and try thinking for yourself a little bit,OK?? Stop accepting all this rubbish you’re told just because “You heard it on TV”,or “The president said it”.

Stop being a “Parrot”!!!

I’m not saying to become a rabid speculator of conspiracies,but be a little more cynical.

The world would be a better place if more of us weren’t so naive. My advice to everyone reading this is if you want to know if someone’s telling the truth about something of importance,a sure fire way of knowing where their heart really is on the issue is to SEE WHERE THEY GET THEIR $$ FROM.

Thats the key.
Also,don’t forget to keep an open mind——and don’t be that sure of what you “think” you know.

(That goes for the conspiratorially minded people as well! Trust me,no matter how sure you are,you’re usually at least partially wrong—ESPECIALLY when it comes to this type of stuff.)

One last note:
If the thought of people “doing bad things” makes you “sick to your stomach”—-well OK. Thats completely understandable. Analyzing “current events” isn’t for everyone!!

But if thats your mental state,then do us all a favor:
Instead of belittling & mocking those who are trying to find out the truth and who ARE skeptical,you should just keep your mouth shut and stay out of the way. No one will begrudge you for it.

(Hey,If I don’t know enough about a topic to talk intelligently about it,I DONT.I defer to expertise,and I don’t argue about things I haven’t made up my mind on/know nothing about. Its why I lose very few arguments! Heh heh.)

So in sum:

If you believe that every major event taking place is some type of a conspiracy,you’re probably wrong. But,if you don’t believe that ANY conspiracies have EVER taking place,and things are “just happening”, you’re naive,lazy and have no clue about human nature or no knowledge of history—–YOU’RE the one “wearing the tin foil hat” blocking out information.

You’re a “Coincidence Theorist”.And—you might be a chump.


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