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With the exception of “Mr. Clean”, I have noticed that in lots of movies & TV shows, the “over the top villain” character is often bald!! You doubt me?
Lets look at a partial list:

1)”BANE” (Batman)

2),”DR EVIL” (Austin Powers)

3)”VALDEMORT” (Harry Potter)

4)”MR BURNS” (The Simpson’s)…

5)”LEX LUTHOR” (Superman)

6)”THE RED SKULL” (Captain America)

7)”DARTH VADER” (Star Wars—–yes,he was bald under that helmet)

8)”STEWIE” (Family Guy—yes,a baby can be a villain in the cartoon world)

9) “THE WIZARD OF OZ” (The apparition,not the actual wizard–HE is portrayed as a nice hapless man—with hair. )

10) “MING THE MERCILESS” (Flash Gordon)

Now some people would say:

“Well what about Bruce Willis? He’s bald and he is usually the good guy!!

True—but when he plays “the good guy” he usually wears a TOUPEE. (The same is true for Sean Connery as well.)
Now,If you think about it,you can see that I have some hard facts to back my claim up.This portrayal of bald men as villians is policy, and its unfair.

Put it this way—-are there any movies where the bald guy is the good guy?  Hmmm? HMMMMM?

(Wipes non existent tear from eye)

(Authors note) When I jokingly mentioned this little observation at one of my gigs,I was approached afterwords by a lawyer who handed me this note, which I am printing in its entirety here as required by the State of Washington:

Dear Mr McCarthy:

“While your observations about bald men make for a nice little joke,the fact remains that many men have been unfairly stigmatized by Hollywood in its relentless portrayal of bald men as “the villains” in countless motion pictures. We hope you discontinue making light of this serious issue and join in the cause to right this wrong and stop this unfair portrayal of bald men as villains and psychopaths.”


Morty Loyerstein
Attorney at Law


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