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Here’s a little “public service announcement” from “Dr Brian”. It’s a list of things that people who are having health issues/or who know someone who is having health issues can do to feel better/prevent other issues in the future:

(All of these things have helped me/my advice is based on my own personal experience)

1)Drink some Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar-(with the “mother”)every day mixed with water. Excellent anti fungal/anti inflammatory.

2)Baking Soda (Get Bobs “Red Mill brand”—unlike “Arm & Hammer”, it’s organic/doesn’t have aluminum in it.)Take on an empty stomach with some water and something sweet. This is excellent insurance against cancer as baking soda kills mold and cancer is basically mold/fungus.

Also “Cancer” loves “acidic blood”, and Baking soda is one of the most alkaline substances out there, so getting some baking soda into your blood stream will help alkalize your blood and makes it harder for cancer cells to thrive.

(Another benefit—-It also will “clean you right out’ in a hurry,so stay near a bathroom after you take it—Bentonite is also good for “cleaning you out as well)

3)Liquid Pro Biotics —this is especially good to take after you do “a cleanse” , and also works well as a good preventive if you “feel a cold coming”.

(I use “American Health brand”, blueberry flavored.)

4) Cut out as much sugar as possible!

Cancer loves sugar, as do bacteria and fungus.As for me, I only eat sugar in the morning, and I always make sure I have some fiber or protein with it so it slows down the absorption into the blood stream.

Also, sugar makes you fat, contributes to diabetes,wears out your pancreas and makes people crash and burn when the “sugar buzz” wears off.

The only time you WANT sugar to “go straight into the blood stream” is when you take baking soda.The reason is that sugar masks the nasty flavor , AND fungus/cancer cells love sugar,so when you take baking soda with sugar, the cancer/fungus cells in your body gobble up the sugar WITH the baking soda and poof——the baking soda kills them!!

5)Avoid all GMO! GMO is no good, and besides—it has no taste/doesn’t taste as good as organic food. The easy way to avoid GMO is to either grow your own/buy local, or look for the “NON GMO project verified” sticker on your food.

Also,make sure you eat as many veggies of different colors as you can—veggies will alkalize your blood and that will keep you from getting sick.

(Extra addendum for all the Vegans out there: Ditch products with soy and wheat as most soy and wheat in this country has been contaminated by Monsanto.)

6)DON’T GET A FLU SHOT. If you follow what I am telling you here in this post, you wont get sick. Flu shots are bad news and don’t prevent the flu (In fact, everyone I know who gets a flu shot gets sick! Just a word to the wise).

7)When you mow the yard or work in the dirt/gardening—WEAR A MASK.

I know—I know—drag.

BUT—with all the chem spraying they are doing, the soil is filled with that stuff( as “what goes up—must come down”. Also, if you’ve been spraying “round Up” on your weeds/plants every time you are out in the mud/stirring up the dust, you are getting a big mouthful of all of that stuff into your lungs and nose as well.

(BTW—no one should be spraying Monsanto’s “Round Up” on anything.”Round up” has Glyphosate in it, and if you do a search on that, you’ll see why its not something you want in your yard, or on your food etc),

Make sure after you’ve been outside “in the dirt’ to wash any parts of your body that weren’t covered in by clothes and immediately wash your clothes so you don’t spread that stuff around.

8)Don’t skip salt! REAL Salt is one of the best anti fungals/anti parasiticals out there, so don’t skip salt—don’t over do it—but don’t leave it out either.

9) Shield your computer if you are using Wi Fi and don’t sleep near your cell phone or laptop/any other “Wi Fi devices”. These devices will affect your sleep patterns and cause you to sleep poorly.I would also highly recommend you NEVER “put the phone near your head” as cell phones emit micro waves.

(This is why if you use a “WI FI connection for your lap top/computer, you need to shield it in some way.)

10) NO TAP WATER.You are 90% water, so make sure you drink the best water you can.

Also—– NO SODA. And no juice!—juice has tons of sugar in it—eat the fruit and skip the juice.

11) Sun exposure/”Sungazing”

I highly recommend sun gazing.Its a good way to get sunlight into your eyes and it will help your mood and help you to sleep better at night. It’s a great way to get off sleeping pills/cure insomnia. I know many people are afraid they’ll go blind if they look at the sun, and I am not advocating looking directly into the sun(Tho I do it myself) I am only advocating the practice of looking near the sun and getting as close to the source as you can for 10-15 minutes a day.

12)Walk/do some sort of activity every day.

You don’t need to do the “Rambo workout” (In fact I think as you get older, that can be a bad thing/harmful to your heart and joints) but taking a walk every day/riding a bike is something every one can do—if you can afford it, get a stair master and put it in front of your TV so you can “do some “asswork” while you watch TV/movies.

12)Above all—–LAUGH! Watch movies and shows that make you laugh, listen to music that relaxes you or makes you smile. Forgive people you hate!

Not for them——–but for YOU.

Always consider that they are just poor schlubs like you trying to get thru this life and that you too have had your “moments” as well——— so cut them a little slack.

Basically,Do whatever it takes to keep your attitude positive no matter how depressing the news is or how beaten down you feel by life!!

Also remember that this life isn’t “The whole show”—its just a place where we go to pretend to be separate from each other and to learn lessons we cant learn anywhere else.With no pain, there can be no comprehension of pleasure—-so embrace the pain and work thru it, knowing that the pleasure you will feel later will be made even more intense and wonderful.

Good Luck!!


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