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A few of my thoughts on this Flat Earth Vs The Globe Earth controversy.
While I no longer believe the earth is a”Spinning ball in space” and I am now aware that NASA provides nothing more than a “Sci- Fi/Star Trek version of reality” and is in fact nothing more than a arm of the US military masquerading as “A Civilian Space agency”,I think people are making a big mistake when they fight over whether “the Earth is Flat”—or that it is “round” etc
Both of those definitions of reality are still trapped in the “3-d Particle /solid universe model” which has been shown via Quantum Mechanics to simply not be true!
Think of it this way—-arguing over the shape of the earth is like two people playing a Super Mario Video game arguing over how long the race track is on the screen, or whether the sky over the race track is 100 miles up or infinitely far!!

The reality is that not only is the race track “On a flat screen”, it is actually NOT EVEN THERE AT ALL!!
It only SEEMS to be there!
Now imagine you are IN that program, arguing over “the size and shape” of the “super Mario Race track” you are on,and you have a similar situation to what is happening here on “Platform Terra” .
So yes, the part of the earth we live on/walk on/drive our cars on is NOT “curved” like we’ve been told.
Yes,Newton,Kepler,Galileo and even Einstein got it wrong They couldn’t possibly have gotten it right because they were trying to analyze the world in terms of “solid objects”—and while many of the discoveries they made have a lot of utility in helping us navigate this “reality”, I think that they failed to get to the bottom of what this “reality” actually is.
This is why even Einstein “couldn’t wrap his head around Quantum Mechanics”—-it was because Quantum mechanics revealed the nature of reality/entanglement and the “Interactive nature of this reality”(the observer affects what he or she is observing). It proved that the whole concept of “separateness” was merely an illusion.
In essence,Quantum Mechanics has shown us that the argument could be made that the earth/this reality doesn’t occupy any real “space” at all, and what we think is happening “out there” is merely an illusion that is happening IN our heads—not outside our heads.
So instead of trying to prove to people that the surface of this planet is flat (which even if many people will automatically equate with “Dark ages Religion”) or mindlessly defending NASA and clinging to THAT version of reality (which is laughable and false) lets all realize that even if the surface of the earth we live on is NOT “a spinning Ball” and that YES, NASA HAS been lying to us about “the nature of space” for decades,lets not forget the deeper truth that ALL of this around us–“Earth”, “The Sky” etc is probably nothing more than a very advanced program that only APPEARS to be “real” and “solid” to those who interact with it(Us— LOL) but in fact IS NEITHER.

SO DROP THE FEAR—-As Bill Hicks once said “It’s just a RIIIIDE”

So enjoy it, and help your “fellow man” do so as well!  .


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