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Here’s the truth:     The”War on Terror” has been a fraud from day one.

You can’t have a “War on Terror”, any more than you can have a war on belly button lint.  The whole idea is ridiculous.

The other reason “The War on Terror” is a fraud is that the “terrorists” are being armed,trained AND funded by the very governments who claim to be fighting against them!

So why would they do this? Why fund,arm and train a “terrorist group” and then tell everyone they’re “The enemy”—-that they “Hate us for our freedoms” and all the other propaganda we’ve been hearing since 9/11?

There are many reasons, and they are all connected to money.

It’s simple—war is profitable.

The biggest profiteer from war is hands down the United States of America. The USA military budget is bigger than that of the next ten countries below us, and without a “threat”, there is obviously no justification for a budget so large.

This is why in the 239 years of our history, the USA has been at war/involved in wars for 220 of those years!

So who profits off of War?

Well,it’s obvious that weapons making companies and military contractors profit off war, and have a vested interest in “Having an enemy to fight”.

But it isn’t just the military contractors and companies that profit off war—bankers also make more $$ of wear than any other human endeavor.

Wars are expensive, and countries borrow far more $$ during war than they do during peace time. So banks(Especially international banks like the IMF and the World Bank) make huge amounts of $$ of the loans they make to countries and organizations that are involved in the war.

Then there are companies like Halliburton and Bechtel who profit off the aftermath of a war. Wars cause untold destruction,and all of the destruction that comes from a war creates lots of contracts for companies that rebuild infrastructure like roads/schools/hospitals,water supply electric grids etc.

THEN you have all the security companies that are profiting off all this “Fear of terrorism”—companies that make cameras/surveillance equipment,scanners etc.

Last but not least, you have the resources . Many wars in recent times have been over control of oil and gas.

So there is a lot of reasons for war that involve $ that are fairly obvious to most people.

But in the current paradigm, there is another reason for the current “rush to war”, and this has to do with the US Dollar , and its “Status” as “the Reserve currency” .

This status gives the US dollar some special advantages over other currencies.

In the current paradigm, the US Dollar is known as “The Petro dollar”. The reason for this is that in most countries,oil and gas can only be sold for US dollars. This rule came about right after the US dollar was taken off the gold standard in 1971 by then President Nixon.

Shortly after that,a deal was made between the US and OPEC that only US dollars would be accepted in exchange for oil sales by those nations.

This deal has allowed The USA to run enormous deficits that no other country is allowed to run, because other countries needed to keep US currency “In reserve” to buy oil from the OPEC nations who produce most of the worlds oil.

However, in recent times, cracks have been appearing in the US dollars “reserve status”.Since the turn of the century, more and more countries have sought to sell their oil for other currencies, and most have suffered greatly as a result.

You have probably heard of these countries: Iraq,Libya,Syria, Iran,North Korea, Russia and China—-just to name a few.

With the exception of Iraq and Libya,all of these countries now avoid the US dollar in their oil transactions. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muamar Khadafi both tried to go off the “Petro Dollar standard”, and both countries were invaded by the US and both Hussein and Khadafi were killed.

These “regime changes” had nothing to do with terrorism, or the nature of the governments running those countries(Tho that is what we were told by the Western media outlets) and everything to do with these countries attempts to sell their oil for other currencies.

This is also the reason why we are seeing more and more “Manufactured Terrorist events” in recent years!!

As the amount of US dollars in circulation grows,the bankers need to get more and more countries “On the Petro dollar system” to maintain the system and the sad truth is they are starting to “Run out of tricks” in their attempt to keep the US economy “propped up”

(Printing /creating more $$/pumping up the stock market,zero interest rates etc)

This is why they are staging all this fake terrorism and pushing for war–The bankers know if they don’t continue to expand the banking system into other countries, the deficit/excess of US dollars will eventually cause hyper inflation and the whole system will collapse.

This is the main reason for the amping up of the whole “terrorist threat” and the non stop threats/warnings and “Staged events” like the recent one in Paris.

The bankers know the current financial system will eventually collapse, and THEY don’t want to be blamed for it! They know that if they can get a war started,when the dollar collapses and the phony stock market collapses, they can convince the people thru their media outlets that the blame lies with”ISIS” or “The war with Russia/Syria” etc.

This is why they HAVE to convince people that “ISIS is a real outside threat” and obfuscate the truth——that “ISIS”, like “AL Quaeda” are in fact a Synthetically created “Terrorist organization” that is armed,trained and funded by Western intelligence agencies..

This is what all the fear/staged events are for—-they have to make people afraid and “Prime the pump” before the “show really starts”.

That’s why you can expect to see more and more “alerts” and “warnings” in the near future with the end game being a much bigger event/in possibly multiple locations to achieve the maximum effect and make as many people as possible scared and accepting the hoax.

It’s another reason why they are sending all these middle eastern refugees with no real screening/vetting into Europe and now the USA

They want to be able to make people believe that the “Terrorists” slipped thru the cracks” and easily got into the country because of “The west’s desire to help the middle eastern refugees”.This is necessary to serve the propaganda and the “story line” they are creating.

But don’t worry!! My guess is that the “terrorists” will conveniently wait until after the Holiday season—cause you know—the “terrorists” don’t want to affect all the profits of their masters.


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