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Ok, I know this won’t be a popular sentiment to express, but I have to be honest: I HATE HOLIDAYS. All of them.
Look, I don’t hate the sentiments expressed on the holidays—-that’s all good stuff.
What I hate about the whole thing is that these sentiments are “SCHEDULED”—-you know: “On this day we play dress up”(Halloween) and “On this day we feel grateful”(Thanksgiving) and —“On this day we give each other presents and sing these certain songs”(Christmas)–on this day we get drunk and party (New Years Eve) .

There’s no spontaneity in ANY of it.
People are doing these things because they are being TOLD to do it—because they feel “They have to”—but the fact is, the sentiments that are manipulated during the holidays should be unpredictable!
Gifts shouldn’t be something “you expect”—it should be something you WEREN’T expecting.You should give to someone because you want to—not because “Its Christmas, so I have to”
You should be “Feeling Thankful” EVERY DAY—not just on Thanksgiving!
I’m sure there are a lot of people reading this thinking “wow—how Scrooge like”–but I think a lot of people know where I am coming from and like me resent this “Forced ritual” called”The Holiday Season” which many partake in from peer pressure and which truth be told is nothing more than a way to suck $$ out of people every year and hide greed and consumption under the cover of “Giving thanks” etc

(Not to mention all the people who suffer during these times because they are going thru hard times/or have lost someone . The Holiday season for them just exacerbates this bad feeling)

My view is—live EVERY DAY like its a holiday and stop allowing yourself to have these wonderful feelings “Manipulated and timed” by the oligarchs and the businessmen.

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