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(We now go live to “The White House Propaganda room” who are currently “in crisis mode”)

LEAD STOOGE #1: “OK people listen up!! We need to do something about this ISIS issue! There are STILL too many people that have been figuring out that we’ve been arming & funding them!! Damn Russians are exposing us every day! We need some distractions and we need them NOW ! Any ideas?”

STOOGE #2:” How about another shooting?”

LEAD STOOGE #1:”(Explodes) Another shooting? ANOTHER SHOOTING? Good God,Don’t you people have any new ideas? We just STAGED two shootings in the last week! People are starting to get suspicious——-I need fresh new ideas people, not more of the same! ”

STOOGE #3:” We could do a shooting at a Synagogue?”

LEAD STOOGE #1:” ARRGH! Now WHAT did I just say?”

STOOGE #4: “Or at a football game? LOTS of people like football! THAT would really distract them! Heh Heh.”(Hi fives another Stooge)


STOOGE #5; “How about we just tell em the truth? No one would believe that! ”

(The whole room goes silent—MP’s come in and drag “#5” out of room)

STOOGE #6: “OK here’s what we do—-We turn off the power in a major metropolitan area—”

LEAD STOOGE(Strokes chin) “Go onnnnn—”

STOOGE #6″ THEN—-we tell people it was a group of Syrian hackers who cyber attacked the grid—“”

LEAD STOOGE#1(Getting more excited) “I like! I LIIIIKE!”(Eyes starts bulging)

STOOGE #6: “THEN we have them SHOOT a bunch of people at the power plant!


LEAD STOOGE #1; “Siiiiigh—OK—OK——- I’ll call Anderson Cooper. Let’s set up another DRILLLLL—and lets make this one good people! “(Puts head in hands)

STOOGE #2:” YAAAAY! I get to be in the shoooooooooting!! I get to be in the shooooooooooting!!”

STOOGE #3:”Oh shut up! You always get to be in the shooting drills! Let someone else have some fun for God sakes!!

LEAD STOOGE #1(Mutters to himself) “Maaan, I wish I had gone to music school!”


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