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Recently,when I was at the store, minding my own business, I saw this bizarre looking old man with a long beard in a seated position looking at some sort of document.

He looked at me as I walked on by, so I said “Hello”, trying to be polite.

He looked at me and blurted out:
“You’re on my list”.
“Excuse me?” I said. He then looked at the paper he was holding and said:

“Yep, you’re on it—-You better watch out”

I looked around and seeing no danger looked back at him and said:
“Watch out for what? ”
The man came closer to me and whispered in my ear:
” I know when you are sleeping—I know when you’re awake.”
“Ummm———how do you know that ?” I said.
(I was beginning to feel a bit paranoid,and was starting to wonder if this guy was some sort of “A Peeping Tom.”)

The strange man whispered again:

“I even know when you’ve been bad—or good” and then he started quietly laughing .

Well, that was enough for me!!.
“Get away from me you nut job!” I yelled.
As I turned and began walking away, I heard him yell out:
“I’m COMIN TO TOWN BRIAN!! ! YOURRRRRRR TOWN! I hope you’ve been nice? Ho Ho Ho Ho. ”

“Just keep walking” I thought to myself “Don’t look at him. This guy is a maniac!

“Luckily, he didn’t follow me—but I’m still shaking as I write this.
ADDENDUM: I was told later on that this man goes by the name of “Claus—SANTA CLAUS. Everyone has told me that he was “Just trying to be friendly” and that I’m “Making too big an issue of the whole thing”—but all I can say to them is THEY WEREN’T THERE.



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