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I recently saw an ad out for a new “Meatless hamburger” that “Bleeds like real meat.”  This made me laugh because I always find it rather amusing that people who are so against eating meat are always trying to find food that “looks and tastes and bleeds like meat.”

The truth is tho , no matter how hard they try, they can never create a “Meat less product” that tastes like meat—and that’s for two reasons:

Meat has two things no plant has: FAT and BLOOD

Why is that an important distinction?

Because “Fat’ and “Blood” is where all the TASTE is when it comes to meat—and its the main reason why “Synthetic/meatless meat” will NEVER taste like meat.

Also, we need fat and cholesterol for proper brain health(Your brain is made mostly of animal fat and cholesterol—two things you cant get from plants)

BTW—I’m not against veganism!

I understand the desire to not eat flesh/concern over animals rights etc—but I would ask anyone who is a vegan who thinks that they would NEVER eat meat to remember one thing:

If there were no grocery stores/no food distribution system like we have now and winter came around and your survival depended on you eating fish/or meat of some kind—-would you?

See, I tend to think you would.

In fact, I’d bet that 99% of all vegans would throw all the “Animal rights talk” out the window and would be eating some kind of meat or dairy within a month if all they had for food during the winter was grains, nuts,  beans, seeds and “dried fruit”.

You know how I know this?

Because that’s what humans did for millenia. There were no vegans in the past. If you didn’t eat meat, you died in the winter. Period.

The point I’m making is that “being a vegan” is a recent development—-a choice that is COMPLETELY RELIANT on having access to a super market and the food distribution system we have today which allows for access to fruit and veggies “year round.”

(As well as other “meat substitutes” and “soy products”).

So if you are a vegan, you really can’t use the argument “Humans aren’t meant to eat meat” because until recent times, Humans HAD to eat meat(and diary) to get thru the winter months when fruits and vegetables weren’t available.

In a word, we have evolved to where we are WITH the technology we have that made it possible for people to BE vegans BECAUSE we ate meat in the past—especially the meat that got us thru the winter months.

So if you’re a vegan, the next time you see a “Meat eater” thank them—because without them, you wouldn’t be here/wouldn’t be able to be a vegan in the first place. 😉

Of course, there always those who will say “But Meat is murder. something had to die for you to eat meat”

Well—- lets look at this idea of veganism and examine the whole “Meat is murder argument” a little more closely.

First off—Things die folks. And while they live, they feed on other life. In fact, everything on this planet is feeding off SOME other life form whether it be plant, animal, bacteria ,fungus  etc. In a word, for any life form to live, another life form has to be harvested/mined or killed in some way.

It’s not pretty, but its reality. (If this bothers you, take it up with the landlord! )

For example, while we’re alive, humans are arguably “The Top of the food chain”—but when we die our bodies become fertilizer for the soil and food for the bacteria/worms and a plethora of other life forms.

Another inconsistency about their beliefs that vegans need to come to grips with: Their love of animals that are meat eaters!

Think about it: Many vegans have cats and dogs as pets and they truly love their animals, but yet, they are APPALLED at the idea of “people eating meat” and think “Its murder” etc

Well——– did they ever stop and think about what their PETS eat?

They eat meat. Cats are Carnivores! So are Dogs.

As for the natural/larger “Non domesticated” versions of both these animals(Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Hyenas etc.) they would eat a human being in a heartbeat if they were hungry!

Shouldn’t they become vegans too?

How about the Killer whale? Or the Grizzly bear when it kills that poor Elk??

Isn’t THAT ” Murder”?

Remember “Cecil the lion??” Remember how all of the animal rights activists were outraged when that dentist shot “Cecil the Lion”—but did any of them ever stop to think of all the Zebra and other animals Cecil the lion probably killed? What about them?

The point is: How far are Vegans really willing to carry their ideas thru ?

Look—-Here’s the deal:

What it comes down to is vegans love animals and they don’t like the idea of killing them to get the meat, or the way they are treated——–so they avoid meat products.

Fine! Absolutely nothing wrong with that!! I have to admit that I think it is horrendous how many of these animals are treated in these large “Industrial farms”.

(I am also equally outraged by the way pesticides and herbicides are sprayed all over the fruits and vegetables that are being sold to us and the effect those poisons are having on all life—but that’s another essay!).

But as far not eating something because “it was killed/it died?” Well, its a nice well meant concept, but you can’t project that type of mentality forward very far into the real world, because that is just not how the world works.

Everything—— even herbivores are feeding off some type of life!

It’s all one big cycle.

And to all those shaking there heads saying “Plants and animals aren’t on the same par”—well, talk about having a bias! 😉

You think plants and trees don’t matter as much? I have two words for you: TOILET PAPER.

Think of how important toilet paper is in your life—-now think of all the trees we cut down to make toilet paper!

And that’s just one thing we get from trees and plants.

As to the concept that “trees and plants aren’t sentient beings” I know many Indians and shamans and botanists who would disagree with you 100%.

BTW—Those trees(along with the plants as well) produce oxygen—which we desperately need!!

So in theory, you could make the argument that every plant or tree we eat, uproot or cut down is depleting the supply of oxygen.

In fact, I could live quite well on a planet with lots and lots of plants and trees and only a few animals and fish—but I wouldn’t last long(Nor would any of the other animals) on a planet full of animals with very few plants!

Hahahah—ok, you see how ridiculous this can get?

The point is—unless you can live on water and sunlight, something has to die/be sacrificed/mined in some way for you(Or any other sentient life form) to keep living.

So go vegan if you must—but remember—its a dietary choice that is made possible by humans who ate meat and by a distribution system that runs on oil that comes at the barrel of a gun.

(Drops mic)



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