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Everyone knows about “having the blues”—but what about those people who suffer from the blahs? Where’s their sympathy? Who sings for them?

Well,I hereby announce my status as (Drum roll)the first “Blah Singer.” Hey, Black people have the blues, but what do white people have? Well, I would submit, they have “The Blahs”—and I want to be the musician  that gives voice to those emotions.

Everyone has their niche in the music world, and I think I have finally found mine.

In fact,I can see the entry in future musicology books now:

“The Blah singing style is believed to have originated from a  musician named Brian McCarthy. Tho no one knows much about him, he is regarded as it’s founder, and while this style never achieved great popularity,it did achieve a limited cult status in the early 21st century.When asked how Brian came upon this style of singing, he reportedly said:

“You know, one day I woke up and I just didn’t have any energy . I just didn’t care about anything. I didn’t really feel bad, but I wasn’t feeling that good either. That’s when it hit me that this was probably a mindset most people could relate to—-so I decided to put that feeling to music, and The Blahs  style was born.”

One of the trademarks of the “blahs style” that is so striking is that none of the songs ever actually “End”  in the proper sense, nor do they have actual “introductions.”

“When I record a new Blah song”McCarthy said “I just hit record and then whenever I feel like starting, I start.As to endings” he continued,”I just play until I’m bored with it, then I stop. You know, coming up with endings and finales is so passe! Not only that,it takes a lot of work! The fact is,when you have the Blahs, you just don’t care enough to put in the effort. It’s what makes the style so unique.. Let other people do endings with a big Ta Da at the end. ”


(Besides McCarthy,Some of the main disciples & founders of “The Blah style” include singer John Apathy,”Julie Monotone and the Flats”,”The Ne’er Do wells”,”Pro Zack and the Sedations”,and “Status Delete”).


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