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Back in the 1990’s, The Simpsons TV show had an episode where Homer ran for “Sanitation Commissioner” in Springfield, and he ran on the slogan “Can’t someone else do it?” —-and IMO, that mentality sums up the whole concept of “Jesus dying for your sins.

My dear Christians, I know you mean well, but if you really think about it, Jesus can no more “die for your sins” than he could “Eat your lunch for you” or “feel your pain when you fall down and skin your knees” and on and on.

I know many Christians don’t want to hear this and it goes against your beliefs/what you’re taught—-but try to keep an open mind on what I am writing here and consider this:

What if the main reason we are here in this “3-d body in this reality” is to FEEL ALL of those emotions and to experience both pleasure and pain,joy and punishment??

What if feeling pain and suffering after a negative action is absolutely necessary?

If you think about it, that’s the way this place is set up.In this reality, everything is defined by it’s opposite.

For example, you wouldn’t know what “hot” was if you were never cold!

You wouldn’t know what “wet” was if you were never “dry” and you wouldn’t know what “Good” was, if you didn’t have the choice to be “bad”.

But along with that choice comes the aftermath,and that “Aftermath” is what this place is all about.

For example, when you love someone——–would you want someone else to “Feel your passion for you?”

When you bite into a piece of fruit———-would you want someone else to “taste it for you?”

Of course not!

And yet, when it comes to the negative side, the mentality”Can’t someone else do it” comes into play!! We don’t want to “feel the consequences of our actions” when we sin do we?

In my opinion,THIS is why people are so attracted to the whole idea of “Jesus dying for their sins”. We want to be able to “dish it out”—-but we don’t want to take it, and thus the “don’t worry—Jesus did it for you”doctrine is so beguiling!

How much easier to be a total schmuck and then go “Whew,thank goodness, I’m not going to feel the pain of my sin. THANK YOU JESUS”

Well that’s not the way this place works.

Just as we want and need to feel the joy after we do a good deed, we also NEED to feel the pain and suffering that takes place after a negative action. THAT is how we learn, and it is how we grow.

So my dear Christians,stop hoping that “Jesus is going to take the blame for YOUR actions” and face up to your own choices and learn from the pain that comes from those choices!!

Annnnnd—–Merry Christmas.


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