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We all remember when we were kids, right? Ahh yes—-for most of us, life was so much simpler back then! Of course at the time we didn’t know it. Most of us dreaded school, and nearly everyone got picked on at some point in their childhood by a bully or a group of mean kids.

But for most of us.,childhood is a much simpler time of life than adulthood. When we were kids, we didn’t have bills,mortgages,jobs and responsibilities other than a few chores and our homework.

Basically, unless you were abused or abandoned,childhood was the easiest most carefree time in your life. The people who had the toughest time during our childhood were our PARENTS.

Now many of us become adults and realize how stressed out our parents were, and say “No kids for me! I’m going to stay single”—-but many of us don’t, or end up becoming parents before we are ready for it.

But regardless how you become a parent, you end up quickly realizing why your parents were so stressed out:

Raising kids is tough work!

In fact, it MIGHT be the toughest job in the world——-and it’s definitely the most important one.

But here’s the part that’s so amusing:

No matter how miserable they are as parents, or how stressed out their lives become as the result of being parents,people who have kids have an endless obsession in life:

Telling other people who DON’T have kids to hurry up and have some!!

I’m not sure if this is because people who become parents have lost their minds and forgot what it was like to be single, or if “Misery loves company” (I tend to believe the latter) but whatever the reason, most parents are relentless in their push to get their “childless friends” to become parents!

Here’s one of the classic lines people with kids use on their “childless friends” to convince them that having kids is something “they need to do”:

“Children bring so much joy to your life”


Hmm, lets look at this “Joy” :

1)Endless nights of no sleep for the first year or two.

2) No more eating out in adult establishments,or going out anywhere unless you find someone to watch the kids

3)Lots of vomit,poop and pee to clean up—– LOTS of diapers.

4)Endless messes to clean up—dirty clothes,food,toys etc

5)No more vacations until “junior” is old enough to travel.

6)Lots of additional financial burdens(Clothes/school,food,education etc)

7)You get to watch LOTs of “Children’s programing” LOL (The Wiggles,Disney movies,etc)

8) If you’re a woman, your body is almost always irreparably changed for the worse(,especially if you have the children when you’re older)

9)Less time for sexy time with the significant other(Or any of the other things you used to do together)

10) As a man, you become 2nd to the kids.

(A verrrrrrry distant 2nd!)

11) You get to spend LOTS of time with OTHER PEOPLES KIDS.


Now,I am pretty sure that most of the people who have kids really do love them and we KNOW they think very highly of their little rug rats. But that being said,if all of the above sited examples above=”The Joy of having Kids” = I’ll stick to the misery of being single and sleeping in EVERY DAY.


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