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Here’s a little message to all my “truth seeking/truth telling” friends out there:
I see more and more people waking up to the horrific problems and deceptions we have in this world, and that makes me happy. But, on the other hand, I also see many people getting very frustrated with the fact that “more of their friends aren’t getting it.”—and that is the reason for this posting.
First off, to all the people out there who are desperately trying to “expose the deceptions” they see——-I feel your pain!
Believe me, I too have felt the frustration of trying to alert someone to something I have discovered/think is important/that they should know only to be mocked and mauled with the “mainstream line” and “Ad hominem attacks.”
(I have also seen this same scenario play out in other peoples lives, on their Facebook postings  and oft times it’s their family and friends who are the most mean spirited and unwilling to listen!!)
It’s truly depressing! The more you look into whats actually happening in thsi world, the more you realize that one of the main problems WITH the world is that most people are far far too trusting!
Instead of critically examining what they are told by the media/authority figures around them, many chose instead to “trust in that authority” and to look down on anyone who doesn’t “parrot” the same views.
But why is this the case?

Why do so many people trust those in authority, when it is so easy to see with even the slightest critical examination of reality and history that many of these people in authority (Both past and present)do not, nor have they EVER had “the people’s interests” in mind?

Well, I would submit that it’s not really their fault!

The fact is, in the western world, none of us were taught to think, or question things from the very beginning. We were all trained in school to regurgitate what our teacher told us and if we remembered every detail, we got “an A” and “a smiley face” and everyone was happy with us.

Then—-We were “smart”. AND—we were rewarded with honors ,promotions and all the “goodies”  that this world can give.

However, those of us who were cursed with the propensity to “question and doubt” what we were told were called “difficult” or even labeled as “having a learning disorder” and nowadays, we would probably be labeled as “Hyperactive” or as suffering from “Attention Deficit Disorder” or maybe even “Aspergers syndrome”.

(Our parents would be told about our problems and medication would be pushed as “a solution” ).

So what it comes down to is our education system rewards people who blindly repeat what they are told by “authority figures”

(In school: The Teacher,In Church: The Preacher, in Politics/News: The TV Anchorman & Pundit and so on)

Contrariwise,it punishes those of us who “think outside the box” and who DON’T just “believe what we’re told”.

THIS is why so many of us refuse to see the truth of how we’re being screwed and deceived no matter how obvious the “screw job” is!!So many people have been so perfectly taught to “Listen to the teacher” from an early age, that they are never able to see when they’re being conned or duped by other people,organizations—or their governments etc

AND—because so many of them benefit FROM that programming
( Nice house,nice things etc), they will stubbornly resist ANY information, no matter how logical or valid that contradicts that programming.

Now, when faced with such a monstrous programming mechanism that is being used to mold minds at such an early age, how do those of us who SEE the deceptions of this world/the things that are harming all of us succeed in waking up those of us who refuse to see them?

Well—I would like to suggest that in my opinion, the best way to fight this is thru the use of humor.

If you can make someone laugh/see the ridiculous side of things, you can get them to change a lot easier than you can if you just use straight logic.

The reason is, when people laugh at something, they have let their guard down. When people laugh, they are laughing at something that they realize is both true and ridiculous.

Plus lets face it: No one likes to be lectured about things. NO ONE.

No matter how correct they are or how valid their points are, we all tend to feel a little put off by someone lecturing us on “Why we don’t know whats going on” and “Why they do.” It puts us on a lower footing then the person lecturing us.

But get someone to laugh and they are with you. It’s an even playing field. It’s a shared experience. When people laugh, they’re in essence agreeing with you, but they’re doing it from a place of equality. They GET the joke because THEY got it—not because you told them “how to get it.”

So basically, if you want to “wake people up and change the world”, try lightening up and using humor to make your case,no matter how grim the subject matter——- because humor is a much more effective method of “changing someone’s mind” or “Getting them to see things from your point of view” than lecturing them.

Above all, seeing things from a “Humorous perspective” will help keep YOU sane as well.

And sanity is—-well—KIND OF IMPORTANT.

(Starts to laugh uncontrollably)


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