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You get all dressed up,you’re lookin sharp—you go out? YOU SEE NO ONE.

Later,you rush out to get something and look like hell—SEE EVERYONE.
Or this:
Hear the phone ringing—make a mad dash to pick it up—–DO’H! JUST MISSED IT.

So,you try to immediately return the call——–and you get voice mail!!!

WaaaaaAAAAAAT? You JUST CALLED! Where did you go??


Is it Holland? Or the Netherlands? Also,why are the people who live in this area called “The Dutch”?? Consider the following:

1)People from Brazil are called “Brazilians”

2)People from France are called “The French”

3)People from America=”Americans”

4)Germany has “Germans”,

5)Jamaica has “Jamaicans”

So WHY are people from The Netherlands called “The Dutch”???? Why not “The Netherians?”


“Never under estimate the determination of a man who doesn’t want to work a day job”
(Brian McCarthy)

I start this little observation out with that little “home made quote” because I really believe that if the human race survives this “transition” and becomes truly enlightened, NO ONE will have “A job”—-and that will be a GOOD THING. How will this happen?

Well—-MACHINES will do “The jobs”—the “Jobs human beings don’t want to do” —-when this happens, IF the human race is enlightened/not enslaved by a psychopathic minority, we will then be free to do what we were born to do——-CREATE, EXPLORE, LEARN, DREAM———and ENJOY LIFE.

So in an attempt at optimism,it is my fervent hope that the era of Human beings “having jobs” and “doing repetitive/manual labor” will soon be an archaic concept,as outdated as the telegraph,or “the horse drawn carriage”.


Recently in the news it was revealed by pop star “Beyonce Knowles” and First Lady Michelle Obama that they were waging a war on the word “bossy” and that from now on,it was considered “sexist” to “call a woman bossy”. Upon hearing this ridiculous comment,I realized I had to clear up some confusion between how men and women communicate,and why we will NEVER stop using this word,or any other “insulting words.”

First off, to all my dear female friends out there: I completely understand that many men have a lot to learn about how to behave around women. That is indisputable. But to be fair, many women simply don’t understand men and how we communicate. I would submit that if men and women are going to work together as equals ,we both need to learn how we communicate a little better.

Now being a man myself, I can only speak for my gender—-but I can honestly say to all the hyper sensitive women out there that you need to understand this concept about men:

In a word, if a guy acts like a jerk, he gets called a douche,or an asshole—or a jerkwad——a dickhead etc. In fact,sometimes(Gasp) Its a term of endearment!!

(“How are you doin you old bastard?” Etc )

My point is——if we’re going to ban “bossy” as “a demeaning word used against women”, what about all the demeaning names men use in reference to each other??

Should we ban all of those words too?

The point is, this whole “self esteem issue” and Beyoncé being so concerned about “women being called Bossy” is feminization/feminism at its worst. It trivializes real issues women need to be concerned about and focuses them on the minor issues.

It’s also exactly the kind of “political correctness” that so many people are tired of!

By the way: I’m NOT saying that “women just need to let men insult them” or that “women need to act more like men”——- FAR FROM IT!

I think men have a LOT to learn from women in many areas, especially when it comes to sensitivity to others and social conduct.

But in THIS area,I think we “tri-pods” can teach women like Beyoncé and Michelle Obama who are supposedly so obsessed with “women’s rights”  a few things—— namely,
If you don’t want to be called “bossy”, don’t BE bossy!!

Simple!!   Problem solved!

The fact is,the word “bossy” is a very descriptive word for a very particular type of person——–AND WE NEED IT.


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