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1) We hear so many lies in every area of life—here’s one: “Your call is important to us”.

If this statement were true, then why didn’t your company hire a person to answer your phone??

2) Speaking of liars and lies,I remember that one of the “talking points” that President Bush used to repeat over and over in his defense of the US invasion of Iraq was:

“We’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.”

I used to always see a glaring hole in that logic: Namely,if we were actually so concerned about “terrorists coming over here” WHY is  our southern border with Mexico so poorly defended?
3)Talking to yourself may make you look crazy to others—but one things for sure: The people who do it know that at least one person is listening!!

4) Here’s an observation that isn’t humorous. In fact,this one is more on the serious side:

If the gravity of an object is based on mass of that object,why is gravity/the feeling of gravity so different when in your in a liquid like water vs being on a solid surface like the ground?

Consider this:

Whether you are on water or land,your “mass” doesn’t change when you leave land and enter water,and neither does the planets mass change—-so if that is the case,why is the effect of gravity so different? Why do I weigh so much less feel so much lighter when I’m in a liquid?

Also, if the earth is a “spinning ball”, HOW is it that allllll of the water in the oceans in the supposed “Southern Hemisphere” is held to the surface of “the ball” by “gravity”, and yet the smallest of insects can easily resist the same “force”??

Could it be that what we think of as “gravity” is just a question of “density” and that there is no such “force”?

5) Another more serious observation——This one is about the concept of time.

I often hear people say when they are bored “Wow—–Time is sure going by slowly! Contrariwise when people are having fun they often claim that “Wow—The time just flew by!!”

I too have noticed this phenomenom,and it has caused me to wonder:

Is there any truth to the concept of time going slower when you’re bored or going faster when you’re enjoying yourself?

I thought about this,and it occurred to me that when you are bored, you are not using your brain as much as when you are excited. In other words, your “neurons” are literally “not firing” as quickly when you’re bored as they are when you are excited/having fun—— and that perhaps THIS is the reason that time seems to “go slower” when you’re bored and “speeds up” when you are having a good time.
6) One more observation on the nature of time:
Many people have noticed that the older you get, the faster the years seem to go by. Is there any truth to this and if so why?

I this is a real phenomenom (time speeding up as we get older)based on the accumulation of life experience. In other words,its based on math.

For example,when you were 5 years old,”1 year” = 20% of your experience—Where as when you’re 50 years old, 1 year =2% of your experience!!!
So basically,it could be argued that a year goes by 10 times faster when you’re 50 then when you’re 5—not because the time itself is going by faster, but because to YOU,that year is becoming an ever smaller ratio of your “overall experience.”

In a word, “Time” seems to be going by faster when you’re older because each year becomes a smaller and smaller part of the overall total of time you have experienced while being alive.
Expressed as a math equation, the way we experience time as we live can be expressed as follows:

(Y= One Year “A”=The “amount ” of years you have actually been alive, “RT”=”Relative time”,or the “relative duration” of how long it takes each year to go by.)

7) Secrecy and the ability to keep secrets seems to be a thing of the past. Why?

Ha. You figure it out.
8) Why do we “drive on park ways” and “park on drive ways?”
9) If lawyers are “disbarred” and clergymen are “defrocked” doesn’t it follow that electricians would be “delighted”, musicians “denoted”, Cowboys “deranged”, models “deposed” dry cleaners “depressed”——–or that tree surgeons would be “disembarked”?
10) Rock bands change as they age, especially in their outlook on women:

For example,take “Van Halen” : They went from “Beautiful Girls” (2nd album) to “So This is Love?”(4th album) to “Good Enough” (7th album) and then finally,to “Not Enough” on their 10th album.

I am pretty sure that with most bands you could find a similar trend.
11) I always hear people who are “believers” talking about the coming of the Anti Christ,and I notice they always think of this “being” as being a male. But, if “The Christ” incarnated as a Jewish man, wouldn’t “The Anti Christ” be a “Gentile Woman”??

Just looking for consistency——
12) How can there be such a thing as a “Self Help Group?”————–Think about it.
13) Why is it that when things are delivered by truck or auto they’re called “shipments”, but when things are delivered by ships they’re called “cargo??”
14) Why aren’t there any creatures on earth with eyes that go all the way around their head? It seems to me that this would give a huge advantage to either predator or prey!
15) When people tell me that we were “created by God” I always tell them two flaws in their reasoning: “Wisdom teeth” and “Hemmorroids”. Seriously,if there is “a God” “He/She/It” needs to address these issues. This is not good work.
16) “The Devil”= God—————–when he drinks.
“The Buddha”= God————–when he smokes Pot


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