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1) You can tell a lot about a person by their nickname. For example, I wouldn’t bring a woman named “Sassy”,”Tawny”,”Sugar” or “Bubbles” home to meet my mom.

Conversely, if I had a daughter, I would hope she wouldn’t be dating a guy nicknamed “Dog”, or “Skip” or “Buster”—–or (Gasp) BRIAN.
2) I once took a woman to a baseball game. When we arrived,she told me she had no idea how the game was played, so I preceded to explain the rules to her. When we got to 1st, 2nd and 3rd base,she asked me “how do the players score?” I told her it was all about “Going home”.

She then looked at me in a puzzled manner and said “Where’s home?” and I said:

“Well,let me show you”———-and we left.

3) Last week I took my girlfriend to Lake Titicacca. There was a full moon out, and sadly,I made an ass of myself.
4) I once did a poll asking people “If they believed that statistics could prove anything” ———14.8% said yes.
5)You’ve all heard the saying “there are no atheists in fox holes” and it’s true. But, there are no atheists in gopher holes or rabbit holes either.
6) Here’s a list of songs that were big hits in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that would never get on the radio/be released on a major label today. (I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out why!~! )

A) “Hot child in the City”
B) “Sexy and 17”
C) “She’s only 17”
D) “Christine Sixteen”
E) “Saw her Standin There”
F) “You’re Sixteen”
7) You never hear about Atheists or Agnostics killing themselves in suicide bombings. The reason is that because these folks don’t believe in “God” or “an afterlife”,so they’re in no hurry to die.
8) Here’s a quote from a real ass who’s name was “St Augustine”. This quote exemplifies why I have such contempt for organized religion and why the mind set it nurtures needs to end as soon as possible:

“There is another form of temptation even more fraught with danger:

The disease of CURIOUSITY.

It is this which drives us to try and discover the secrets of nature which are beyond our understanding which can avail us nothing and which Man should not wish to learn”
Now,compare that quote with this one by the great Albert Einstein:

“I have no special talents or genius. I am only passionately curious.”

9) Here’s another one from Albert Einstein that I love:

“I am truly a Lone Wolf,and have never belonged to my country,my home,my friends or even my family with my whole heart—-and yet,I’ve never lost the need for solitude.”

Now lets look at a quote by the Attorney General of the United States,Eric Holder,from late 2014:

“Our enemy is not states or even organizations in the war on terror—our greatest threat is from the lone wolf. That is our enemy.”

One has to wonder given this mind set of the current fascist governments like the USA and The UK and their clients if they would see mavericks like Albert Einstein as “A potential terrorist” due to his “Lone Wolf” type nature!!

Just one more reason why “The War on Terror” should really be called “The War OF Terror”. The sooner this madness ends the better.
10) There will be no one to save us here on Earth but ourselves should we wreck this planet. Obsessing over the Apocalypse is basically peoples fear of death mixed w/the concept that “Misery loves Company”.
11) The ability to be skeptical and cynical of wild claims and promises is a good thing to possess. However, in too high a quantity, skepticism can produce blindness to new facts and ideas.

In a word, a person who is too skeptical about everything paradoxically becomes exactly like the fanatics and believers that they claim to oppose.


Ladies and Gentlemen: I am here to inform you that the maximum allowable limit for pictures of CATS on the Internet has been reached. I’m sorry, but we’re full! So please—–no more cat pictures, OK?

Also,I have the pleasure of informing you that we have also reached a similar limit on pictures of women in the bathroom pursing their lips( I believe “Duck lips” is the proper term) as well as making the peace sign whilst drunk at a party.

Please make a note of it—-and we all thank you.


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