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A lot of younger people have no idea just how drastically things have changed since the 1980’s. For those of you who weren’t around or can’t remember (and for those who do) here’s a small list of some of those changes.

(I leave it to the reader to decide if these changes have “Improved us” as a people or not )
1)People didn’t have cell phones.

2)People weren’t constantly online/didn’t have computers. No “texting” , No “email”, no “social media.” If you wanted to talk to someone, you had to put in a little effort.You called them on the phone or(Gasp) mailed them a letter—OR—- you drove over to their house.

(Pop ins were still acceptable in the 80’s)

3) There were no GMO foods on the shelves.Yes there was still a lot of garbage food—but it was mostly real.

4)The only planes that left “Persistent contrails” were “The Blue Angels” and the sun shined in a blue sky farrrrrrr more often.

5) Musicians only lip synched on TV shows.

6) Music awards featured mostly musicians.

7)There was no “Karaoke.”

8) There were no “Free Speech Zones.”

9) The police didn’t look like Stormtroopers from Star Wars, and “police Brutality” was far more rare/not as widespread.(Tho it WAS still a problem in minority communities natch)

10) There was no “War on Terror”—-we had “The Cold War.”

11) Most people were thin. Obesity was rare.That’s a fact.

12)There were tons of live music clubs.

13) Most People played video games in arcades.

14)”DJ”s “were people you listened to on the radio.

15) The radio had mostly music on it instead of mostly talk shows like today.

16) MTV actually played music videos.

17) “Fear porn” and talk of “end times” was a rarity.

18) Unemployment actually WAS around 5%.

19) Flying on an airplane was a relatively hassle free experience.

20) There was no 24 hour news. “News” was in the morning or after dinner.

21) Children were only vaccinated about 5-7 times instead of 50-60 times like they are today—-and autism was rare.

22) Everyone still believed that Big Pharma and the medical community were actually “looking for a cure for cancer”—-we didn’t know they were profiting from it. (Hey not everything was better!

23) The Bush family hadn’t yet completely ruined America yet.Our President was a doofus—but at least he was funny.

24) Walmart hadn’t ruined small town America yet—but they were working on it.

25) We didn’t have “Surveillance Cameras”  everywhere.

26) We were far less “Politically  Correct”—in fact, we had never even heard the term “Politically Correct”  back then!

27) We were all around 30 years younger.


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