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Have you ever wondered why all thru out history,over and over again it seems that there always seems to be a small group ” Psychopath’s” in charge & running the world?

Well it’s simple: It’s because most “good people” don’t want to believe it’s true!!

The fact is,most decent people(who just want to live a normal life) have a very difficult time being truly cynical of other people,especially those in “positions of authority.”

The reason for this is that we are taught from cradle to grave to “trust authority figures” in all the important areas of our lives: Our schools,the “mainstream media”,”mainstream medicine”,government bureaucracies,organized religions,and on and on.

It is this type of ingrained “in-doctrinated trust” that often causes most people to reject TRUE skepticism and to be repulsed by a “conspiratorial mind set” or any mode of “critical thinking” that “questions the authority figures”,”accepted reality”,or anything that “disturbs their peace of mind.”

(Thankfully,those who solve crimes don’t think this way,or no crime would ever be solved!! Detectives & CSI people HAVE to be “Conspiracy theorists” at some level, because many crimes are “conspiratorial” by nature.)

What we must understand is that the people who run this world UNDERSTAND this side of  human psychology——– and they use it against us!!

Being a student and observer of “Human Nature” myself (I’m a musician—I’ve seen a lot!!) I would like to give those of you reading this some methods that I have noticed that the “ruling elites” use against we the peoples to keep us docile and afraid to question any “unpleasant realities” that their system  creates:

1)While they tell us to “Hope” and “have faith” and “to believe” THEY DO THE OPPOSITE.

They don’t trust anyone!!

On the contrary,while you folks are out there are “having faith that things will work out” The Elite do not. They “plan, prove, test and verify”.
(One of the sayings of the Reagan Administration was “Trust—But Verify”—that sums it up.)

The fact is, this mentality of “Trust” and “having faith” is something the elites in power want YOU to do——-but THEY DO THE OPPOSITE.

It is not an accident that the word “faith” is linked to most “Organized Religions”
—organizations that were invented by the Elites in power to “control thought” and to get people to “accept established authority” by connecting THEIR desires to “Gods desire”.

(By the way:This type of deception has bled into all human organizations—even ones that are supposedly based on science!! )

The sad truth is,people make a grave mistake when they assume that it is only “organized religions” that have been poisoned by this type of “faith based mentality”!! Many organizations that are supposedly based on science(Pharmaceutical companies,Bio engineering/Genetic engineering,astronomy—–just to name a few) promote false agendas and suppress evidence that is harmful to the men who have “invested in them..
These are the same methods that were used during the dark ages to suppress new discoveries in science—but they are doubly dangerous when they have the “veneer” of science in front of them.
2) Psychopath control freaks love to tell people  “everything is just happening”,and that “nothing is ever planned.”

In a word,the system trains people to live in a “reactive mode” and to think of anyone who sees thru their facade, or who attempts to connect any dots that might show a conspiracy between those in power as “crazy” or “a crackpot.”.

As I mentioned earlier, the term they love to use as a “dismissive label” for anyone who attempts to connect the dots is “Conspiracy Theorist.” what’s so humorous about this is that  ALL human beings conspire at some level—especially those with money and power.
And the goal of this conspiring is almost  MORE money and power for them and LESS FOR YOU.

This is not difficult to figure out, but by using ridicule and making the idea of even considering that there MIGHT be a conspiracy as “something only crazy and paranoid people do” ,  psychopaths have been able to make most people blind to any criminal activity, no matter how obvious the “Quid Pro Quo.”

Sure there are many varied reasons given for why people/groups conspire against their fellow men and women—but when you really step back and look at most of them,it always comes back to getting more money and power.

(As they used to say in the mafia: “It’s nothing personal—-IT’S JUST BUSINESS”.)
So what do we see here?

We see that most people are not only trained to “have faith” and “believe and trust things will get better”, they are trained to live their lives in “reactive mode”. They fail to understand is that people with money and power are not “reactive”————-they are PRO ACTIVE. They PLAN.

Sure,they might want YOU to think that they are “reacting to events in real time”, but THEY are planning things out DECADES in advance.
Now if you think about this, it’s a “no brainer.”

3)Another of the methods used by psychopaths to trick people into giving them what they want without them ever realizing it is called “Problem,Reaction, Solution”

The method is simple:

A)A “problem” is artificially created by those who desire a certain outcome.

B) A “reaction” is nurtured by those who initially planned “The problem”

C) A “solution” is then offered,which of course is what those who created the problem desired to have happen in the first place—only the difference is, NOW, because of the “reaction” they can appear to be doing it for “selfless humanitarian reasons”.
Once you think about this,you’ll realize not only how often this method has been used against you,you will question how you could ever believe that people in power could ever behave any differently!!

Now for those who still are shaking their heads and saying “No Brian,I disagree”,ask yourself if you REALLY believe that “The rich and powerful let things happen” and that they are “Hoping for the best”? That they “have faith” things will work out?

A few examples:

Does anyone believe that “The Patriot Act”(which came out weeks after 9/11—which was supposedly an “unexpected terrorist attack”) was written in those few weeks time after that attack? 1000’s of pages of US law & US Code rewritten in just a few weeks time?
Also,lets look at the voting system that is in place to supposedly allow the people a voice in their government:

Does anyone TRUELY believe that the rich and powerful sit back and “Hope the poor and middle class will vote for the agenda and plan they want” or “count our votes?”, or that they don’t pick out the candidates that they KNOW will “go along with their interests” BEFORE people are allowed to vote?
Does anyone think they leave ANY of this “to chance” or that they “have faith people will choice a candidate they like”??
As Joseph Stalin so accurately said:

“Its not important who casts the votes——its who counts them that matters”.

Now if you believe that “pressing a tab” on a screen or “carrying a sign in the street” in ANYWAY effect on what wealthy people who OWN the candidates you are voting for will think——–well———–you’re the person who has “the mind set” that this essay is aimed at!!

Not only do I think people who believe in voting are delusional, and a big part of the reason why “Psychopath’s rule the world”, I feel you’re a bit on the lazy side as well!!

You’re living with the naive belief that someone else(The politician you are voting for) will “fix your problems” for you and that all you have to do is “touch a computer screen” and register your opinion to make things change.It’s like the people who put a bumper sticker on their car that says “Support the Troops” and feel like they have actually done something to support the troops!

It takes more than symbolic gestures like voting and “Pasting bumper stickers on your car” to make any real change.

So in sum—–WHY do Psychopath’s run the world? Because you let them!!

1)While you “have faith” and “believe”—THEY plan and act

2)While you are told to practice “diversity ” and “tolerance”, THEY  use deception and “divide and conquer”  methods to make the diversity they push on us turn into chaos.

This is done by  race(“Blacks against Whites”) by religion(“Muslims against Christians”) by sexuality(“Pro choice vs Pro Life”,”Gay vs Straight”) by politics (“Liberals against Conservatives”) and many other methods too numerous to list.

3)While we are told “Everything is just happening” THEY are using “Problem, Reaction,Solution” method against us and creating the reality that benefits them while taking more and more from us on all levels.

( Fear is often at the center of these “manufactured problems”,and the reactions are predicted in advance by master psychologists, focus groups and these reactions are also created by  media deception and repetition of the lie.)

THAT is how “Psychopath’s rule the world”———-and if we are ever going to turn things around and change the current paradigm that is so unfairly tilted towards this small unsympathetic minority we had better stop being afraid to face up to the reality of how the world really works,not how we wish it worked.

We need to face the fact that the demons we fear are not “reptilian”, or “alien”—they are human beings who have been corrupted by a flawed paradigm who have their hands at the helms of our financial,energy, political media and military institutions, and the sooner that a critical mass of people  understand that this paradigm needs to be changed, the sooner we can fix this and rid ourselves of “Psychopathic control.”

BUT,it’s not going to be easy.


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