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Every year brings about the promise of change and of new trends—-but not all change or new trends are for the best. With that spirit in mind, here are some “Trends we don’t want to see start (or continue) in 2016” submitted for your amusement and review:
1) More chaos in the middle east—-

2) Men wearing Yoga pants—-OK, this isn’t a trend for now, but I’m listing this just to make sure it never EVER happens. This is one “trend”  that needs to remain in the “females only”  category, OK guys?

3) More food products with “tofu” in them. Tofu is considered by many people to be “healthy”, but the fact is, most soy products are GMO and are the opposite of ‘healthy.” So we need less “Tofu”  products—-not more.

(Plus it has no taste. It’s just nasty!)

4):More people wearing “Bright green/yellow hued clothing.”

Seriously, What the hell is up with this? When did it become fashionable to dress like an emergency response worker?

Look—-unless you are working outside in traffic,or are some type of “First Responder” in the middle of dealing with some sort of emergency, there’s no reason to be wearing this God awful bright green color. So stop it. Stop it right now!

5) Christmas starting even EARLIER.

6) Another name change for “ISIS’–I mean “ISIL”–I mean “I.S.”—I mean “DAESH”. UGh.

Please guys:Pick a name for your phony terrorist group and stick with it, ok?

7) More ads on you tube videos—–Here’s a message to You tube: We aren’t watching your ads!

We’re skipping them. EVERY TIME. So no more ads please?

8) Miley Cyrus doing anything,anywhere!

9) The ever increasing amount of “Police Brutality.” By the way, to all of the police departments out there: How about dressing your officers like officers instead of like an “Occupying Military Force.” Is that too much to ask?

(By the way: If you’re goal is to make a lot of people nervous, mission accomplished.)

10) “Caitlyn Jenner” doing anything—anywhere! You had your moment, now go away.

11) People up talking? At the end of every sentence? You know—making every sentence sound like a question? Even when it isn’t? Gun? Gun?

12) “Safe Spaces”—Apparently this is becoming a trend at Colleges across the country.That’s right: Students are now so “sensitive” and so afraid of having anyone talk to them in a way that upsets them or that they feel is politically incorrect, they are demanding that colleges provide “safe spaces” where no one is allowed to criticize them or talk about “controversial subjects”, both on or off line.

So let me get this straight:

People are sending their kids to universities(places that are supposedly areas where “new ideas can flourish” and “learning can take place”) and these colleges are having to provide the students “safe spaces” where no one can “offend them” with any controversial opinions or insult them in anyway? Does anyone see how detrimental it is to free speech? To the open discussion of new ideas and concepts?

Put it this way: Does anyone see how lame this is?

Here’s a news flash to these kids: There is no such thing as a “safe space”. If you feel the need to have a safe space wherever you go, then stay home. That’s your best bet. Or get yourself a nice big plastic bubble.

I have to tell you, this is a disturbing trend. Not only is it disturbing that kids in college are demanding this—-it’s disturbing that the universities are attempting to PROVIDE IT.

This is bad on so many levels, I could actually write a whole essay on this one “trend” alone!

One things for sure: It doesn’t bode well for the future, and its sure not preparing these kids for the real world.


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