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Since time immemorial, people have wondered about the nature of reality. “Why are we here?” and “How did the earth get here?”  are questions that have occupied many of humanities greatest thinkers in both the spiritual and scientific disciplines.

For a long time, the spiritual view that “God created everything”  held sway. Then with the onset of more and more scientific discoveries, doubts about “God”  and “a creator”  asserted themselves. Theories like “The Big Bang”  and “Evolution”  explained away the whole idea for a creator by making the case for a “self forming/self creating universe.” The world was “Made of atoms”  and  other small “Particles” which organized into patterns and made all the things that we see in our world, and  no “Creator”  was needed.

But then a new science  appeared called “Quantum Mechanics”which gave us a whole new view of the world we lived in. In the famous “2 Slit Experiment”, it was discovered that photons of light behaved differently when they were observed  then when they weren’t!

In a word, when they weren’t “being observed”, they behaved like a wave and were “Everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time”.

But when an attempt was made to observe this, the photons collapsed to a single “Definable point” or in other words, they behaved as we thought they should/were used to seeing them behave.

What  this showed was that the world we live in is interacting with us, and that this reality behaves differently when it is “being observed” by a conscious being vs when it is not being observed.In a word, observing light causes it to create the patterns we see—-to “collapse”  to a particle place in space, but until it is observed, it is NOT in any set pattern nor does it occupy any definite place in space.

Well, if you think about it, this is very much the same thing that happens when you interact with a computer program!

For example: When you are playing a video game, you have an avatar that you control with your joystick. WHERE that avatar goes is up to you, and as you make those choices, the program creates the environment based on the choices you make.

So say you are playing a video game where you are in a castle and you are killing ghouls and zombies in that castle. As your avatar moves down the hallway, there are different  rooms that you could enter—you can’t enter them all at once: You have to chose one.

Once you make a choice, the program “Creates the scenario”  based on the parameters of the game, and your avatar moves thru the room you have chosen to go into.

But until you MAKE that choice, the room DOES NOT HAVE ANY SHAPE. Each room is a “potential room”, but once you make the choice to go IN one of the rooms, the program “Creates the room ” for you.

Now take this a step further:  What if instead of you sitting on the outside of the program controlling an avatar with a joystick, you were INSIDE the program and INSIDE THE AVATAR.

Well, this is what I think is happening here on earth.

Your body= The Avatar, and the Earth/all we see around us IS “the Program.”

Now I can imagine many people reading this going “Oh come onnn! That sounds like The Matrix. That was just a movie!”

Well, besides what I have just told you about the essence of quantum mechanics,  consider this:

When we “look out at the world”,what we are seeing appears solid—but it is mostly empty space. It is in fact “light” assembled into patterns.

But here’s the rub—–the “patterns we see” are not “assembled out there” in front of us—No, the light enters thru our eyes(which function like a lens in a camera) and that light is then analyzed and those patterns are then deciphered INSIDE our heads.

So in reality—what we see “out there” is actually being put together “In There”.

(Are we “thru the rabbit hole yet?” LOL)

Now even mainstream science has noticed the similarity between the way the totality of stars in the sky above us look when examined to the way neurons and dendrites look when we look at a brain cell under a microscope..

(In fact, we even have “the Milky Way” in our sky or as it was once called “the Great Rift” which is very reminiscent of the Corpus Collusum—the big “rift” that divides the Left and right hemispheres of our brains.)

Now this could all be a coincidence——But,what if  what we see when we “look up into space” is actually a “computerized brain” that all life is accessing and that what we (and the animals )have INSIDE our heads is merely a miniature version OF that “big brain overhead”??

To me, this would make sense IF we were in a program/simulation!

In a simulation, it would make sense that we would access it by  inhabiting Avatars created in that program by the other avatars already inside it/interacting with it. Basically, every avatar would have access to the mainframe  by having a miniaturized version of the master program inside each avatar, AKA”A Brain”

Perhaps this common access to “the master brain”  could explain “the sixth sense” that people often access—it would also explain why we all see basically the same thing most of the time when we look at something.

It ALSO explains why another phenomenon of Quantum mechanics called “Quantum Entanglement” could occur. In a “Particle universe” based on “Gravity,Distance and mass” like Newton and Einstein proposed, light/information takes “time” to get to something—an obvious conclusion to come to as this is how we perceive things in this reality when we interact with it.

But with “Quantum Entanglement”, it has been conclusively shown that if two electrons are “entangled”, no matter how far apart they are, whatever you do to one is felt by the other instantaneously!

No “speed of light” comes into play. AND—-distance is not a factor.

That can’t happen in a “solid particle based universe”—-but it COULD happen if all of what we see and interact with is being manifested from one master program/ and all of what we see is being created from ONE SOURCE.

So basically if you accept this premise(And it has been proved for decades)then the concept of distance is an illusion,because no matter how far apart things are, they are all actually being generated and more importantly INTERACTING with THE SAME SOURCE and thus there is no “distance” between anything from the sources point of view or anyone outside the source—JUST LIKE IT WOULD BE IN A COMPUTER SIMULATION. 😉

So to paraphrase Einstein: “The concept of distance is only an illusion—-albeit “a persistent one”

Now I’m aware that this is all just speculation—but it is speculation based on observable fact and reality  and the newest ideas discovered in science.

Also,if we are living inside a simulation, then perhaps the “Big Bang”  was simply the act of someone or something “Turning on the program” and “Evolution”  = upgrades to the avatars codes,similar to what happens with computer programs and software.

But,there is one other thing that the idea of a “simulation”  does—-it brings the idea of a creator back into the picture.

(After all, “computer code”  does not “Evolve from chaos.” SOMEONE has to write the code! )

It also implies that if your body is merely an avatar, then Death is nothing but the destruction of that avatar, or the  ending of your interaction with the simulation.

BUT—-some questions remain.

1)Who designed “The Simulation” we call “Earth??” Did we do it?

2) Are we here because we anted to be here? Or were we forced? In a word, is it a place for us to play?  Or is it a prison?

3) What happens when the “The Simulation” ends? Do we wake up ? Or do we instantly get pushed back into the program and get a new “Avatar” assigned immediately? ”

These are all fascinating questions, and always fun to think about.

One things for sure—–the world we live in is nothing like what we’ve been told.


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