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Why does this culture have such an obsession with zombies?

There are Zombie movies, Zombie TV shows and tons of video games where killing zombies is the order of the day. Is it because Americans are obsessed with zombies? Or is there another reason why so many different forms of media are devoted to this subject?

Zombies aren’t real—-are they?

Well, until recently, I would’ve thought that the reason for the popularity of this genre is that Americans just loved blood and gore. Then I heard about the US military preparing and training for “A Zombie apocalypse.” I read a US military document describing “the different categories of zombies”(Apparently there are many!)  and more and more there are drills that are done where some of the people participating in the exercise dress up as zombies and are of course, gunned down mercilessly/dealt with in short order.

So when I saw all  of this information on actual zombie drills and “zombie categories”, I instantly considered the distinct possibility that perhaps these zombie movies have been and are a sort of “predictive programming” that are training people to react a certain negative way to certain groups of people, who in the future could be affected  either by a pandemic, or even an economic collapse, or  REFUGEES from wars being fought in their countries.

In other words,instead of reaching out to people who are victimized by something horrific beyond their control, many of us (The military included) are being trained both thru movies ,video games and actual military training to see these “victims”(Or refugees) as “Zombies” and rejoice when they are “mowed down” or “rounded up.”
I know, I know: This isn’t a pleasant thought!

But with all the different problems we currently face (an ever increasing problem with pollution, wars for resources,peak oil, the global economic slowdown, an altering climate,just to name a few) it IS conceivable that in the very near future we will see more and more people in desperate need——and for many people who have been fed a steady diet of “zombie entertainment”, it is easy to see how the lines could blur and how people who are  refugees,sick,desperate, or homeless could be seen as “zombies.
Now——The question is, besides “refugees” , who would these possible “zombies of the future” be?

Well, here’s a partial list:
1) Single mothers who can’t get food for their kids.(There’s an angry bunch right there!)

2) All the people who run out of meds and cant get their refills because the grid is down/pharmacies are closed.

3) People on welfare/with “EBT cards” who cant use them because the system is down/closed.

4) Middle class people who regularly scoff at any “conspiratorial thinking”  that promotes these types of scenarios. THESE people are going to really flip out if the paradigm ever changes and they realize that their “predictable life”  that they thought would never end is over.

5) People who are utterly addicted to the internet and can’t live without their cell phones /being online all day long! (all of us come under this category to some degree).

6) Senior citizens who don’t get their Social Security checks, or who cant cash them because “Banks are on holiday.”

(Of course there will be many more people who would lose it quickly if the dollar collapses or if the power went out/ we were hit by an attack from Russia or China.)

The point is, just remember that the next time you end up seeing a “zombie movie”,(Something I hope you will avoid) consider that these movies/ media are more than just “entertainment”—-they are an insidious attempt program us to react negatively to people made desperate by some sort of crisis, instead of wanting to help them.

The reason to remember this and to not allow this programming to take place is that the person being equated to a zombie COULD BE YOU.


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