You know,I have been hearing people talk about “FEMA Camps” for 20 years, and since I am hearing more talk of it as of late, I have decided to weigh in and put in my two cents about the whole issue.
For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, “FEMA Camps” are basically the equivalent of a “concentration camps”, and the theory is that over the last few decades, the government has been turning deactivated military bases, out dated train stations and old schools/vacant malls etc into “camps” to house dissidents/people with anti Government views, or to deal with people in case of natural disasters/ or a war etc .
Ok—First off: We know that the whole idea of “putting people into camps” is not outlandish/beyond the realm of possibility! They did it all over Europe during WW2, and the USA did it to the Japanese in WW2(Sam Walton , the founder of Walmart was involved in that)

Now, when you find out that the founder of Walmart’s was the one involved in building camps for the Japanese during WW2, it makes you take notice —-especially when you see Walmart closing hundreds of stores worldwide and you also see that some of the “Closed stores”  are being used in US military drills.

So I understand where people would see this type of activity and be a bit concerned, especially given all the economic problems and terrorism/bad weather/threats of war etc.

That being said,I don’t see the US Govt locking down the whole country in martial law or ever putting masses of people into “FEMA Camps!”

Yes Walmart is closing hundreds of stores—but they are not the only retail outlet being affected, and many other companies are closing stores as well .This is happening not only because the economy is collapsing worldwide, but that more and more people are opting to purchase what they need ONLINE.

In a word, they are STAYING HOME. They aren’t going to the mall like they did 10+ years ago. THAT’S why they are closing the malls, and the Walmarts etc.

Now, does that mean that they wouldn’t turn some of these closed down malls and Walmarts into “Internment camps” and use them for emergencies?

Well, no——-Of course they could!!

But I seriously doubt they would ever try to do a nationwide martial law situation on the USA,  no matter how drastic the circumstances—-not because they wouldn’t want to—but because they CAN’T! It’s simply too big.

Think about it: The US military couldn’t even maintain control of 6 million Iraqi’s in Iraq!
Does anyone think they could “Lock the USA down” and “Get us all into FEMA camps?”

While it is possible for them to lock down  and control specific areas, it simply isn’t possible for the Government to lock the entire country down.

BUT—–they want us to think they can!

In my opinion, this  is why this whole idea of “FEMA Camps” is being promoted!

If people THINK they can actually pull this off, the end result is a % of the population becoming more fearful——and keeping people being “in a fearful state of mind” is always advantageous to a minority trying to control the majority.

So lets all remember that while it’s good to be informed and prepared, lets not blow up everything out of proportion. Evil people feed off fear—the more people fear, the more easily they are controlled.

Now even if you think I’m wrong about this, remember that people have been aware of this issue and the possibility of this (FEMA camps) for decades now,so I seriously doubt people will just “walk into FEMA Camps.”

Also, I seriously doubt that people who are in the police or the military will go along with the idea.  Sure there are some real control freak assholes in the police and military—but there are also a lot of good people who joined those groups for the right reasons, and one of those reasons certainly wasn’t “to round up or force their fellow citizens into internment camps!”

(They are going to be too busy thinking about their own friends and family if the “sh#t hits the fan.”)

So forget about FEMA camps——If you want something to worry about, worry about the massive die off of plankton and sea life in the oceans.

Worry about all the chem spraying going on in the skies worldwide known as “Geo Engineering”, a foolhardy attempt to control the weather that is affecting all life worldwide.

Worry about all the environmental  issues and health problems that this Geo engineering is causing.

Worry about the ever increasing amount of GMO’s in your food, and the damage this is doing to your body, and the poisonous nature of the pesticides used to grow that food as well.

Worry about them trying to force your children to take more vaccinations despite the fact that these shots have been proven harmful.

To me, those things are a lot more worrisome because they ARE happening RIGHT NOW–they are not “theoretical”: They are real..

Look, here’s what it comes down to: With all the REAL problems we have, we simply don’t have time to worry about things that “might happen.”

Lets pick our battles wisely.



  1. I’m not in total agreement with what you say but… “house dissidents/people with anti Government views” is NOT outside the scope of possibilities. There are thousands of such people, sadly, perhaps many more.
    All the same, I am leaning away from these fema/internment type camps.
    — Maybe that’s what “they” want.


    • Kenneth, I agree that its not outside the realm of possibility that they might try this——– but only in a very limited way. That was my point. I wanted to make it clear that the idea of the military “Locking the country down and putting peopole in FEMA camps” is exaggerated, and that there are so many other actual real issues besetting us now in real time that we will all go crazy if we contemplate the “possible/might happen in the future ones” as well.

      Thanks for your comment!

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  2. One of your best essays


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