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Me and M.J.

Back in early 2010, I was performing in Austria, and I decided to take a walk and go get some stuff at the Austrian “food mart”.

While I was in line at the store paying for some groceries,the guy you see in this picture with me walked by the entrance and looked in, looked at me,and then quickly walked away.
Shocked and surprised, I turned to the cashier and said:

“Hey! Did you see that?That guy looked just like Michael Jackson!!!”

Well, the cashier looked back at me and smiled and said;

“I see nooothing—- NOOOOOOTHIIING!!” ; . )

(Ok,she didnt say it like that—but you get the point.)

Anyways,after I finished paying my bill, I went outside,and looked all around——-but there was no one there!

My first thought was;

“OK,come on Brian! you must be seeing things! Why would someone be walking around dressed up like MJ?? It was probably just a guy with long hair and a hat.”

So I continued on my with my errands,went to a few places,and was on my way to the bank,when who do I see but the SAME guy standing completely still, not moving a muscle!

Keep in mind I had been walking around here for almost 3 months now, but I had never sen this character before!!

So with nothing better to do on my day off,and curious, I started walking over to see if this was the same guy I had seen earlier when I was in line at the “food mart.”

I then noticed that he wasn’t moving. Not an inch. In fact he was frozen in position. Now keep in mind: It was winter in Austria. It was COLD.

(Probably around 20 degrees Fahrenheit)!

My first thought was: “Hmm–either this guy is a really devoted mime,or it’s a mannequin!

(After all,How or WHY would anyone just stand absolutely still like that in this cold,dressed up like MJ in Kitzbuhel AUSTRIA??”)

So I thought,”Ok lets go get a closer look and see what the hell is going on here!”

Well,this guy didnt move until I got within 10 feet of him–Then, very suddenly without warning,he did a few “robot” like dance moves in the EXACT style of Michael Jackson and gave me a “Robot like wave”.

( The guy was so absolutely mannequinish looking that when he did finally move,I must admit,I jumped!)

Luckily for me,I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping my camera in my coat pocket, so I decided I’d get a picture with this gentleman(Who never spoke a word)

After using a combination of mangled Deustch and sign language,I was able to get a nice older lady to take a picture of me and “Michael Jackson”.

(The question is—-was this just an actor, pretending to be Michael? OR—(Cue spooky Twilight Zone music) Was it—– Michael Jackson?

(Big “Orchestra hit”—-Dumm dumm Dee DUMMMMMMMM! )

Naww—Michael Jackson’s dead—right? Of course he is!! And this guy has a nose!! Or does he?

(Another big “orchestra hit”—-Dumm dumm  Deee DUMMMMMMMMM!)

Hmmm—come to think of it,his nose DID look a little bit too perfect. ; . )

Oh My GOD. Could Michael have faked his death and been hiding out in Austria?

(“Loud dissonant Horn blast”—-“Ker kaaa SPLAAAAAAHHH”!)

Oh wellll—-“I guess we’ll neverrrrr knooooooow—-” 😉

( Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” starts playing in the background)


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