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Let’s talk about this Transgender issue, shall we? (Takes deep breath, puts on body armor, grabs sword)

For some reason “Transgenders” have become the new “Discriminated group” in our culture, the new “wedge issue” that we are being presented with to argue and fight about.

We often hear about “LGBT rights”(“Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and Transgender” for those who don’t know)but I would submit to you that while The “L,G,and B” are related, the “Transgender” or “T” part of that acronym is out of place with the other three, and here’s why:

“Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals” RELATE to their gender—in fact they prefer their gender! Transgenders on the other hand are completely DISSATISFIED with the gender they were born with and go to extremes like surgery, hormone replacement etc to be something they’re not.

What it comes down to is that if someone was born a male but they “relate to females”, they are still male. (The reverse is true as well).So for this key reason, I think it is a mistake to lump in the Transgender people with the gay community. It’s a completely different issue!

This is also why there is a resistance to the idea of having Transgender males use women’s rest rooms.(and vice versa) A lesbian who uses a women’s restroom is still a woman—a Transgender man who “relates to women” and “thinks he is a woman” IS NOT.

Now before all the LGBT’s start calling me a “Hater” and a bigot, let me qualify that in my opinion we all have a right to choose how we live our lives. NO one should be discriminated for the choices they make in that regards as long as they’re not hurting others——–but to expect across the board “normalization” of this not only isn’t going to happen, it shouldn’t happen!

WHY? Because just as the minorities in our population have rights, the majority does as well—–and if we’re going to function as a society, we have to make allowances for the opinions and concerns of majority, especially if we want the minorities to be treated fairly!

So I have a solution to this problem that I think is fair for all, and it’s really quite simple:
Build more “Unisex/private restrooms” in all public restroom areas.
Having more available private restrooms not only will help out those who are handicapped/have other issues that they “don’t want to share in a public restroom”, it will also give people who are Transgender equal access to public restrooms.

Now I can just hear some of the leftist shills out there screaming even louder  things like “That’s discriminatory!”, or “Bigot”, or my favorite”—— Hater!”,but please,let’s do a “reality check” here:

A “Transgender man” is going to feel uncomfortable in the men’s room, correct? Also, some of the other men in the rest room aren’t going to feel that comfortable with Transgender man who looks like a woman in the men’s restroom either!@

(Altho, in all honesty, most men won’t even notice or care as most men get in and get out of the bathroom as fast as they can!).

But let’s go with the premise that the Transgender man doesn’t want to use the mens restroom and so instead decides to use the women’s restroom. We all know that the women are DEFINITELY going to be uncomfortable, especially if they have younger children with them, as a Transgender man is still biologically a man.

(The reverse is true as well, tho let’s be honest: The uproar is about Transgender men using womens bathorooms)

Now come on: Do I really have to elaborate on the potential for abuse here? Does anyone think there aren’t going to be lots of “Fraudulent Transgenders” who are actually straight hetero men who are “claiming to be Transgender” just to have access to the opposite sex in their more “private moments?”

(Sorry to be cynical, but we all know what sneaks Homo Sapiens are! )

So let’s not kid ourselves that this won’t happen, because it will–and THIS is why so many people are opposed to this.It’s not because they “hate Transgender people”,or that they’re “bigots” It’s just that they still possess common sense and can see all the potential for abuse here, and they want to protect their children from this potentiality.

This is why having more unisex bathrooms is the key to solving this problem.

It gives Transgender people a safe place to go and thus protects them, but it also caters to the majorities and their concerns as well. Also,contrary to what some shill voices will say, this solution does NOT discriminate against Transgender people, just as women’s bathrooms don’t discriminate against men and vice versa.

But—————I also think there are 2 questions we need to ask in regards to this issue:

1) WHY are there suddenly so many “Transgender people” popping up in the population? Is this “confusion over identification” being caused via chemcicals in the food? Vaccines? Or is it being pushed thru the movies/the culture?

2) Is this a real “Grass roots concern” rising up because of the increasing amount of Transgender people? Or, is it just another social “divide and conquer false flag” issue being pushed at us by the “Powers that Should NOT be” to distract us from other things that they don’t want us to notice like say, oh, I don’t know—-the meltdown of the global financial system? The ever increasing horrific and unpredictable weather events taking place worldwide?

The preparation for a war with Russia and China?North Korea?

These are things we all need to consider whenever we see the “sudden appearance” of an emotional sexually charged “Wedge issue” like this into the public Zeitgeist.


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