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Tomorrow is April 19, and given the history of this date and the current state of the world,.I don’t think anyone should be surprised if something really BIG happens either tomorrow, or on April 20.

I say this because April 19/20 in recent times have been days when gruesome events seem to occur, many of which are arguably staged events, or at the very least very dubious.
1)Remember Waco? ———-April 19, 1993.

2) Remember the “Oklahoma City bombing?” ——-April 19,1995

3) Remember the Columbine massacre?——–April 20, 1999

4) Remember the Deepwater Horizon oil explosion?——April 20, 2010

But tomorrow, April 19,2016, something that is far more ominous is taking place—-the new “Asian International Investment Bank”(Which opened on Jan.16,2016) which is based in Beijing is announcing their new “gold backed Yuan” which will be put into circulation.

What makes this news “ominous” is that not only is this new bank not including the US (Or Japan) in it’s partnership, this new “Chinese yuan” will NOT be redeemable in US Dollars, and no US dollars will be used in any of the banks trading/commerce etc.


The fact that this is being announced on a day when so much bloodshed has taken place in the past, and on a day that obviously seems to have some “Occult significance” to many of the ruling oligarchical elites is IMO a cause for concern—especially when you see all the bizarre weather events (Research Weather modification/Geo Engineering, and you’ll see that most of the weather we have now is artificial/manipulated)and “doom and gloom” reporting taking place.

So “short story long”,while I am not saying 100% for sure(And of course, I hope I’m wrong)I won’t be surprised if something really big happens in the next few days, and that it will of course have nothing whatsoever to do with this economic/financial shot across the Wests bow made by the Chinese and their partners in this new “International Bank” and everything to do with distracting us FROM that event——–and I thought those of you who are following these things might want a little heads up.

Another date to watch out for: May 1.          Here’s why:

May 1st specifically has long been important in many Pagan traditions, particularly the ancient Gaelic Beltane festival and the European Walpurgis. These festivals involved fire and even blood sacrifice, hence the connection to the theory of the “fire sacrifice” occurring during this time.

Some other noteworthy events that have happened on May 1st:

1) Hitlers “death” was announced on May 1st, 1945

2) The 21st century’s great bogeyman, Osama Bin Laden death was also announced on May 1st.

3) May 1st, of course, is a favorite date for conspiracy theorists as it marks the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati(May 1, 1776), whose American chapter is known as the “Skull and Bones” society of Yale.

(“Skull and Bones”  is a classic “Good Ole boys”  club  whose members include such names as  Presidents Bush Sr and Jr as well as Secretary of State John Kerry. It has also long been a recruiting ground for the CIA/the intelligence community as well the state department and the military industrial complex)

May 1 is also a Communist holiday, and we know it as “May Day.”

Just to reiterate: I would like nothing better than for absolutely nothing to happen on these dates!

I only mention this because of the nature of the problem (The continuing erosion of the US Dollars “Reserve status”) and the relevance these dates/this time of the year has for the very people who are most effected by the loss of that “Reserve Status” and their past history of staging events to distract people from knowing about issues like this .

The thought is, the more of us that are aware of what’s really happening, the less likely these people will be able to pull a “Staged event”  off to distract us——- and even if they try something sneaky, the more of us who know what’s going on, the less of us will fall for it.

In sum, lets put the internet “hive mind”  to good use!


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    In a scary way, I’m looking forward to it, come what may.

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