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I recently had a discussion about “gravity” with a supposed “Scientific expert”, and I soon came to realize that when it comes to many people in the scientific world, there is very little difference between the way the word “Gravity”  is used in describing anything that really doesn’t make sense for  “The Heliocentric/spinning Globe Earth model”to the way “People of Faith”  use the word “God”  to gloss over anything THEY can’t explain in their “Belief system.”

Anyways, here is a short snippet of our discussion—

QUESTIONER(Me): “Why does the earth go around the sun?”

“SCIENCE EXPERT”: “Dude! Because of Gravity!The sun is larger than the Earth and has more gravitational pull. Everyone knows that!” (Smirks)

ME: “Well, if that’s the case,why are all the galaxies supposedly moving apart from each other? Shouldn’t the larger galaxies be pulling the smaller ones towards them?”

“SCIENCE EXPERT”: “Oh—well that’s because there’s dark matter that is pushing them apart.”

ME: “Dark matter? Whats that? Can you prove that this “dark matter” exists?

“SCIENCE EXPERT” :”No, we haven’t found it yet—-but we know it MUST be there—because dude—gravity.”

ME: “Hmmmm—- well, I’m sorry,that doesn’t prove anything. OK,Lets try another angle: The earth is spinning—right?”

SCIENCE EXPERT: “Yes of course. The Earth is spinning at over one thousand miles per hour.”

ME: “And its round, correct?”

SCIENCE EXPERT: “What, are you nuts? Of course its round! ”

ME: “OK, Ok—-if that’s true,why doesn’t all, or at least SOME of  the water in the oceans fly off the earth as its supposedly spinning and whirling thru space? Are you telling me gravity is powerful enough to hold allllll that water to the surface of the earth? Even at the bottom of the globe?”

“SCIENCE EXPERT” : “Of course it is! Hello? !” (Looks annoyed)

ME: “Wow, gravity is really that powerful? If that’s the case,how come it can’t even pull a piece of dust down that’s floating over that same water?”

“SCIENCE EXPERT” “Wow, you’re really stupid aren’t you? You just don’t understand physics at all.”

ME: “Hmmm—-it sounds like you’re getting angry because you can’t answer my question in a logical fashion. Ok, lets try one more: If the earth is supposedly spinning at 1000+ mph,why doesn’t an airplane flying 500 mph lose ground when it flies WITH the spin of the earth?”

“SCIENCE EXPERT: “Because gravity pulls the plane with it and the planes speed is added to the spin! Sheesh. What is your problem? You’re one of those Flat Earth people aren’t you?  UGH!”

ME: “So the gravity keeps the plane,the air and everything not touching the ground moving with the spin eh? Well then, how is it possible for a plane to fly AGAINST the spin? Shouldn’t gravity be making it impossible to fly against all that inertia??”

“SCIENCE EXPERT:” Siiiigh—-You just don’t understand physics.”

ME: “Well,You know what I think?  I think if we look at all your answers and replace the word “Gravity” with the word “God”, we would see that for you the word “Gravity” is playing the same role as the word “God”  does for a religious believer!  In a word, what you are claiming as “Scientific fact”  is much more akin to “religious belief.”

SCIENCE EXPERT: “Well, I have a degree in science buddy, so I think I know a lot more about this than you do!”

ME: “Well if you did, you would have been able to answer my questions. And by the way: People that argue and use “authority” as a basis for verification with no hard evidence to back them up are not arguing from a scientific point of view. That’s not science. That’s belief. It’s faith. So again, you may have a degree in science,and you may think you’re being “Scientific”, but in reality, you argue and behave more like a priest.”

SCIENCE EXPERT” : Well, I think I’ve had enough of this conversation.”

QUESTIONER: “Yes, so have I.


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