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One thing I have discovered the more I use Social Media, or even deal with people in “the real world” is that most of them don’t understand the difference between an argument and a debate!

In a debate, each person presents their argument using facts and attempts to sway the other person with logic. Each side listens to the other, and makes their case the best they can to prove their side, and there is at least a CHANCE that one side will admit they’re wrong, or that the other person has at least made some valid points.

But in an argument, one (or both persons)will usually use “appeals to authority” combined with insults and ad hominen attacks on the other person they are arguing with, and often these attacks have nothing to do with the issue and everything to do with attacking the character of the other person presenting the argument.
What it comes down to is if If one person is “debating an issue” with a person who is “Arguing an issue”, the person debating has virtually no chance in convincing the person arguing of anything, because the argumentative person has no interest in changing their mind or listening to an alternative viewpoint.
In a word, the “debater” is wasting his or her time.
Now,the reason I am writing about this is because I see a lot of people ARGUING on Social media(Especially Facebook and Twitter) and very few of them DEBATING. So I would offer this piece of advice to the people who want to intelligently debate an issue(no matter what that issue is) to avoid “the arguers”, because you will only exhaust yourself and accomplish nothing.
Also, be willing to have YOUR mind changed if you encounter a person who presents a better argument than yours.
That’s important as well.


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