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Did you ever wonder where the names of the days and the months came from? Well, it turns out that the names of the days originated mostly from Norse/Teutonic mythology, whereas the names of the months originated mostly from the Romans.
(Siiiigh—The Romans—The Romans—ALLLWAYS the Romans! 😉
Anyways,here’s the breakdown of the origins of our days and months:
“SUNDAY”———“Suns day”(A day of sun worship)
“MONDAY”——–“Moons Day”(a day of moon worship)
“TUESDAY”——–Named for the Norse God “Tyr”, a God of war and treaties, (later equated with the Roman God Mars)
(Thus, “Tyrs Day”=”Tuesday”)

“WEDNESDAY”—-Named for Wodin,or “Wedn”, whose name was later changed to “Odin”,the head of the Gods in Norse mythology
(Thus “Wedns Day” or “Odins day”= “Wednesday”)
“THURSDAY”——Named for Thor,son of Odin
(Thus “Thors Day”= “Thursday”)
“FRIDAY”———-Named for “Friaa,the wife of Odin.” She was the “Goddess of Fertility”(Later equated with Juno the wife of jupiter),
(Thus “Friaa’s Day” became “Friday”)
“SATURDAY”—–“Saturn’s Day”
As for the months:
“JANUARY”= Named after the Roman God “Janus”
“FEBRUARY”=Named after the Roman festival “Febrarius”, a festival of purification
“MARCH”=Named after The Roman god “Mars”
“APRIL”= Named after the Latin word “Aprillis”, derived from the Latin word “Aperio” which means “to open” (Aphrodite was also linked to April)
“MAY”=Named after the Greek goddess “Maia”
“JUNE”= Named after Juno, the Roman female counterpart to Jupiter.
“JULY”= Named after Roman Emperor “Julius Caesar”
“AUGUST”= Named after Roman Emperor “Augustus Caesar”
As for September,October, November and December, they were named after the numbers 7-10(September=#7,October,#8,November #9,December#10)
When the Gregorian calendar was introduced,July and August were put in front of these months, and thus the order changed from the 7th-10th months to the 9th thru 12th months.
Pretty amazing that in the 21st century that most of the names of the days and months we still use today have Roman and/or Norse origins, with a few having Greek origins, with the Greek and Norse “Gods” being absorbed into the Roman pantheon(Odin=Jupiter,Tyr=Mars, etc)
Makes you wonder if the Roman empire ever really fell——

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