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This dialogue was transcribed from a recent recorded conversation between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton—pretty revealing stuff:
TRUMP: “The media is really tearing you apart for all your scandals.You should drop out of the race.You know I’m going to bring them all up—-especially the one I just heard about.”
HILLARY: (Smirks) “You mean Benghazi?”
TRUMP:”No, not that one.”
HILLARY: “Stealing the nomination from Bernie?”
TRUMP:” LOL–No, not that one. That was something tho.”
HILLARY: “Hmmm—Sending classified e-mails on a private server?”
TRUMP: “No, that’s not it.I can’t believe you got away with that one.You’re somethin else Hillary.”

HILLARY: “(Cackles) OK,OK—you’re thinking of the one where I supposedly was using the Clinton Foundation as a cover for tax evasion,taking bribes from foreign countries—-right? That’s simply not true!”
TRUMP:(Laughs) “Oh of course not. You would never do THAT.”
HILLARY: “Arming the Muslim Brotherhood,helping to train ISIS? You can’t prove that.”
TRUMP: “Um, yes I can,and I’m gonna make you pay for that one—but no—that’s not the one I’m thinking of.The other one!”
HILLARY: (Cackles,bobs head around for 30 seconds) “Well gosh Donald,don’t tell me its that Whitewater thing?”
TRUMP: “No,No—“
HILLARY: (Getting annoyed)”When I got fired from the Watergate committee?”
HILLARY: “Vince Foster?”
TRUMP:”Come on Hillary, I know about those. Everyone does. It’s that other one—“
HILLARY: (Sighs) “The funding of Neo Nazis in the Ukraine that led to the toppling of their government?”
TRUMP: (Makes questioning face, holds hands outward) “Wow, you were involved in that too? Jesus Hillary!!”
HILLARY: “Oh come on Donald. Grow up. What difference does it make?”
TRUMP: “(Laughs)You know,you really shouldn’t have ever said that.That was huge. YUUUUGE. And no—its not the Libya scandal—“
HILLARY: “Well Donald,it couldn’t be the Arab Spring, cause I know you know about that!””
TRUMP: “Yes I do. You destabilized the entire middle east. Terrible. Just terrible.”
HILLARY: “No I didn’t.”
TRUMP:” Yes you did.”
HILLARY: “(Snorts derisively) “Donallllld—-I am proud of my tenure as Secretary of State.What we did in Syria, Libya and Egypt had to be done.(Makes righteous face, juts out chin) Putin’s aggression had to be contained!”
TRUMP:” Sure Hillary, surrrrrre—–whatever you say.(Looks up at the sky makes crazy gesture by his head) But that’s not the scandal I’m talking about.It’s that other one.”
HILLARY:”Ok,Ok—it’s the refugee issue isn’t it? (Voice gets more strident) Thaaaaaat wasssssn’t myyyyyyyyyy faulllllt Donald TRUMP and youuuu know it!”

(Eyes glaze and bulge, Trump laughs)

HILLARY: “Wellll—-What about all your business failures Donnnnnnnn,ehhh? I’m not the only one with skeletons in my closet Misssster Trump. “
TRUMP:”No ones perfect Hillary.But compared to you, I’m a boy scout.(Laughs) No , this scandal had something to do with the White house.”
HILLARY:”Ohhh—I see(smirks) This is about BILL and all his little Sluts! I HAD to deal with them Don! They would’ve destroyed us! “
TRUMP: “So you destroyed them—-and you claim to be for women’s issues? Disgraceful. It’s disgraceful Hillary.”
HILLARY.”Don’t moralize to me Don. At least we’re still married.”
TRUMP: “AHHH——NOW I remember! It was when you vandalized the White House,stole all the White House furniture, and silverware when Bill left Office!”
HILLARY: “THAT? THAT wasn’t a scandal. It was our house.”
TRUMP: “Wow Hillary.Do you ever admit you’re wrong—about ANYTHING?”
HILLARY:”DO YOUUUU? “(Eyes bulging out)
(Huma Abedin comes into room,Looks at Hillary and frowns)
HUMA: “Come on Hillary. This has gone on long enough.Youdon’t need this. You  need your nap. Nitey nite time!”
HILLARY: (EYES BULGING,CACKLING)”This isn’t over Don! THIS. ISN’T. OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!”(Head bobs back and forth uncontrollably)
TRUMP:(Quietly to himself) “Oh yes it is Hillary.” (Turns and walks away)

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