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So many things about our world and our culture are hidden “In plain sight” in our language. Take for example the word/prefix “con.” Think of what that little three letter word means. Just think of the “CONnotations” of that little word and how many other words its used in!

Its”CONnected” to so many words that seemingly are “CONgenial”

Now, I don’t mean to be “CONvoluted” in this little “CONversation”, or appear “CONdescending”—If  it’s not “InCONvenient” for you and you’re not “CONvinced”—well then, I’ll “CONtinue”—

(I am just trying to make a “CONnection” with you. Don’t worry: I’m not an “Ex-CON”, and I’m not trying to be “CONtrary”—I’m just a guy who likes to do “CONcerts.” I’m only interested in musical “CONquest.”  BUT—I’ll need a “CONtract.” before I can “CONsider” performing.After all, I’m a private “CONtractor” )

Oh well—-I hope my “CONviction” has “CONvinced” you.I’m not a “CONspiracy Theorist. I believe in the “CONstitution. ”

(I hope I haven’t been”InCONsiderate”)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh hell, lets “CONclude this:  I have to admit—–it was all just a “CONjob.”—-But you can’t say it was “CONventional”can you?

Au CONtraire!

Addendum: The author is WELL AWARE that the three letters”con” can also mean “with” Sigh. 😉


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