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“Twas the night before the election, and all thru the land,
Everyone was arguing, every woman—-every man
“The Country’s in Trouble”, said those on the right
As they looked at the flag and shivered in fright
“That woman is horrible, she should be in jail”
(Said the man with “The Trump Sticker”on his red white and blue lunch pail)
“How can people not see, she’s just like a snake!”
Said a woman at Starbucks, drinking coffee and chewing cake
But then came a fan of the woman in question
“She’s better than Him! He’s too terrible to mention!”
As she stood there glaring with her eyes bulging out, she screamed:
“Why don’t you just leave here?Why don’t you get out?”

And so it went, all across the land,
as pundits screamed at politicians, and women at men
Everyone was sure that their side was right
As they typed on Facebook and Twitter all thru the long election night
But when all the voting was done,a president was selected
Many were enraged and cried foul——yet no protest was detected!
Despite all the screaming and fuming and fussing
Despite all the typing and crying and cussing
The streets remained calm and the stores had sales
People got new I-Phones and on TV, the pundits told tales
Of the day that threatened to tear America apart
Until the people went back to shopping———at their local Walmart”

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