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I just recently saw a FB status were a woman cautioned anyone from “Mansplaining” about what she had written. Hahah. Oh boy! First,there was “Manspreading”(When guys sit on a bus or subway with ‘their legs spread.”) Now, there is a new thing men do that isn’t “politically correct” or socially acceptable:

It’s called “Mansplaining.”

Apparently “Mansplaining” is when a guy explains something or expresses his opinion to a woman, and naturally, being a man, he’s doing it “in a condescending way that doesn’t take her feeeeeeelings into account.” and  this term is being thrown around quite a bit in recent times by certain obnoxious members of the human race who are in my opinion , suffering from what I like to call “Estrogen poisoning.”

What is “Estrogen Poisoning?”

Well—“McCarthy’s Dictionary” defines it as:

“A person, male or female, suffering cognitive dissonance from a complete emotional overload, possibly caused from consuming too much soy/other foods with excessive estrogen increasing hormones or chemicals. Someone who has no sense of humor or reason, who is offended by everything, and who often times can become violent for the slightest perceived insult or slight.”

Now, back to “mansplaining”—–Let me get this straight:

In 2016, if a guy tries to clarify his position on something or argue a point of view with a woman and he does it with any conviction———-he’s “mansplaining?”He’s being “condescending” and “not taking her feelings into account?

You know,last I checked, talking in a condescending way to someone was not exclusive to any one gender.

(In fact, I hear women doing this very thing to men all the time! You know——talking to them like they’re little boys,giving them orders, using condescending tones etc.)

The fact is, we already have terms for people, MEN AND WOMEN who behave like this:

Control Freak,Jerk,Asshole, Pompous Bastard, Condescending Prick, Arrogant Douchebag, Insufferable,Smug and of course, Bitch are some of the more commonly used words.

My point is, linking this type of behavior exclusively to one gender is, well, to use a feminist classic——-sexist.

Also,if you’re so sensitive that someone “explaining something to you that you already know hurts your feelings” then you  don’t belong in the work place. In fact, you probably shouldn’t be any situation where you might have to deal with anyone except for people who will worship you and tell you everything you want to here.

But————To be honest,I’m glad there are terms like this out there and women who use them , because it helps me and other men to AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE.

(Uh oh—look out. I’m about to do some “Mansplaining” )

To all my lovely friends of the female gender who have an ounce of sense and brains—this is not directed at you.

To the rest of you who honestly feel threatened by men “Mansplaining” —here’s the deal about us “tri pods”

We’re problem solvers. (Gasps! Eyes bulge open with amazement)

So,it’s in our nature to”splain” stuff.

(Psst—we even “splain stuff” to our guy friends!)

Also here;s the thing:

If a guy is “splaining” something to you, its because HE LIKES YOU. The fact that he’s taking the time to tell you “what he thinks” about something means he gives a shit.

(Sure, some of us do it better than others, and some of us don’t know what we’re talking about when we “splain” —but we mean well dammit! 😉

But in all seriousness—-if you’re a woman who is so overly sensitive and traumatized by life/men that you interpret a man “splainin himself” as a threat or as being aggressive or insulting, then please——do all men a favor and stay away from us!

Get a cat. Become a nun. You’ll be happier and so will the guys you don’t torture with your endless drama and soul sucking mind set.

However, if you DO decide to subject some poor slob to your “Drama filled world” please, please  let him know that you don’t like “Mansplaining.”Let him know you’re into emotional blackmail, and you don’t want him to get in the way of that by trying to ever help you or “splain” anything.

Please remember to do that so he can decide if he needs to walk or run as fast as he can.At least then, you’re being honest.



(A serial “Mansplainer” 😉


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